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Intuitive Empath Survival Guide 333 - The Vampiric World of the Narcissist and the Empath!

This is an Older Blog and I am re - uploading it due to talks with people over on my Youtube Channel Comments! It feels the right timing as so many Lightworkers and Empaths are WAKING UP and stepping away from Narcs at this time and MORE POWER to those of you that are! You have my FULL SUPPORT and please feel free to contact me via email or over on Youtube and I will always get back to you! I hope this is helpful to you.....

Hello Empaths!! So, this is the third blog in the series of Intuitive Empath Survival Guide 333 and if you haven't read the first two blogs on this subject and this subject interests you, then please feel free to check them out in the links below :

This third blog focuses on the Role of the Empath and the Narcissist and how to identify if you are caught up with a Narcissist and the actions you can take to STOP this cycle of them DRAINING your Energy! The subject of Empaths and Narcs is such a vast one, and I will delve deeper into this subject later, but this blog is simply how to identify if you are dealing with a Covert Narcissist in particular.

So what is Narcissism?

Narcissism is split into two categories, Covert and Overt Narcissism. In this blog, as I said, we are focusing on the Covert Narcissist.

The Mayo Clinic States " Narcissistic personality disorder — one of several types of personality disorders — is a mental condition in which people have an inflated sense of their own importance, a deep need for excessive attention and admiration, troubled relationships, and a lack of empathy for others. But behind this mask of extreme confidence lies a fragile self-esteem that's vulnerable to the slightest criticism."

What traits do Narcissistic people display?

Narcissistic people are very particular, self entitled and even charming personalities that display some of the traits below. I will go more fully into all the traits of a Covert and Overt Narc in later blogs (as it is a HUGE subject), but these are some good indicators you are dealing with a Covert Narcissist :

+ Narcs have to live a lie, wearing different Masks to suit them and spin false images around themselves to try to seem better to others to satisfy their own fragile egos. Social Media feeds their need to show off. They may spin a simple lie such as lying about their age, or it may even be may a huge lie such as a hidden relationship, marriage or even family, but lies form the basis of the Narcs world so they can control how people see them. In time the Narcissists will even become to believe their own hype and childish Insecure BS, even though all those around them can now clearly see them for what they are.

+ Narcs love to talk at you and not to you, and of course the Narcs favourite subject is (yes you guessed it....) themselves! They will tell you all about what they are doing and the grandeur and importance of their latest projects. They will expect you to respond with total support because what they are doing is so important you should be just privileged they are taking the time to even share this info with you.

+ Narcs want everything from you, but don't expect them to ask, care or invest in you in return. It is a one way street in their favour and you are only important to them to Praise/Listen/support their every whim.

+ Narcs Bread Crumb you and won't put any effort into a relationship with you, but expect a full disclosure and infact service from you to them.

+ Narcs keep Ex Lovers on the back burner because its an easy supply rather than them having to start the whole new cycle of sucking in a new supply (which gets harder and harder for the Narc as they age and lose their looks and charm).

+ Narcs Triangulate you, keeping you and at least one other person in triangulation to induce jealousy and mind fuckery. It also serves to bolster their fragile ego, creating a false demand for them.

+ Narcs discard you and then Hoover you back in as and when it suits them in Cycles. This generally happens as they have to cycle several different people constantly to keep up the supply. You are just one person among many to them on a constant rota.

+ Narcs Gaslight you and confuse you for their own amusement but also to keep you on your toes and second guessing yourself. It keeps the subtle cycle of mind manipulation simmering and alive for them and leaves you in total confusion.

+ Narcs frequently and quite nonchalantly insult you for example, calling you "damaged goods" saying you "have baggage" or stating things they don't like about your personality or appearance. They degrade you so you think you can't possibly do better than them.

+ Narcissists limit your dreams and keep you small by limiting your potential. They do not want you to be "above" them and will drag you back down to their own level time and time again until you break free.

+ Narcissists project their fears and darkness onto you! And as an Empath you can have a very hard time working out what is your own energy at the best of times, so the Narc takes full advantage of this Empathic tendency.

+ Narcissists need your Love and are looking for Narcissistic Supply aka YOU the caring, generous Empath! Narcissists Love to Feed from Empaths and they literally HIT GOLD if they happen to find Love from one! So, my lovely Pure Love Filled Empaths, are you sucked into the Vampiric World of the Narcissist ? Is your partner displaying the above traits? Are you friends with one?

If you are recognising that you are being targeted by a Narcissist this video can help you find your Power back :

I hope this has been helpful my Beautiful Empaths! Covert Narcs behaviour is harder to figure out as the behaviors are not Grandiose and Obvious. I will be delving much deeper into this subject over the next few weeks so pop back if you have it found it helpful.

I also want to mention that Narcs can not effect us unless we have Co dependent tendencies so we are not blameless in this Dyad of behaviour and we facilate them....something to think about right? I will be covering the Dyad of the of the Co dependant Empath and the Narc very soon!

Thankyou for reading! Namaha, Lisa x

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