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Intuitive Empath Survival Guide 333 - 10 top tips for Protecting your Energy as an Intuitive Empat

This Blog is a follow on from the post Intuitive Empath Survival Guide 333 (Am I an Empath?) and if you identified as having Intuitive Empathic traits then please read on as I share with you advice on how to Protect your Energy as an Intuitive Empath!

It may well be overwhelming at first when your Empathic abilities are blown open wide either by your Spiritual Awakening, Via a Traumatic Event or maybe you were even Born with the Ability, but once you realise you can master this skill, it REALLY BECOMES A GIFT! A Gift to help as a Healing Tool from you to others, and also as Guidance to you to avoid Negative Places and People in your life.

So, without further ado... here are my top tips on how to protect your precious Energy:

1. Have Energetic boundaries.

Energy Drainers (or Energy Vampires) will happily target you all day long with their LIFE STORIES as well as the current problem that is on their plate. They are dumping their negative energy on you, as it makes them feel better but leaves you feeling exhausted/ depressed/ angry! They have no boundaries where it comes to making themselves feel better by taking your energy, so this is your own responsibility.

As soon as you start to feel that energetic drain from a person or place get out ( I can't emphasis this enough lol). Stay loving in your energy but make a quick exit. If your job requires you to help people in need, then you have to weigh up the cost to your own energy and how much you are willing to give them. ie: ONLY GIVE OTHERS ENERGY when you are strong and have spare energy. If you are on the edge, already drained, and you spend all your time helping others - its going to tip you over into depression/burnt out.

2 - Have Physical Boundaries. Your body IS your temple - Be careful who you share your energy with. Energy transfers via touch so choose your sexual partners wisely. Also be careful in general, as some of the worst energy carriers are those people that are desperate to hug or touch you when they speak to you - even family members or random strangers. The ones that you dread seeing lol!

This can be confusing because of course also the most loving people want hugs and touch day to day and this is normal and loving Human Behavior. I am not saying shy away from everyone. But, just be careful of those people who desperately push a hug on you, put their arm around you evasively, or keep on touching your arm when they speak to you for example, as you may just notice how their energy has now been left within your auric field once they go on their merry way.

It may seem "rude" to back off when someone lurches at you for a hug that you never invited and makes you feel uncomfortable/awkward, but it is your right to have Boundaries so please do not be afraid to exercise your Boundaries because you feel obliged to. It Shows Strength to Protect your Inner Child.

3 - Learn to say No! People will ask over and above of you - not just once, but time again and again if you do not learn to say No! They will ask for YOU specifically time and time again as you comfort their souls on a deeper level than they understand, and than anyone else can give them. You SEE them - DEEP into their CORE ESSENCE.

So, why do you still wonder why a person would come to you again and again for help, yet not be helping themselves? Learning to say No encourages the other person to help themselves. It is not an Empaths job to "save" everyone at the cost of themselves. It is the Empaths job to Listen, have Boundaries and sometimes Say No. With Love you can show them the Pathway of Self Help so they can complete their OWN Soul Journey.

4 - Release people from your life that drain your energy They may be your "best friend", they may a family member, a loved one, they maybe co - workers even, they are the people close to you in your inner circle that mean alot to you, yet they DRAIN you........ which makes this step particularly hard for ALL Empaths!

You Love them and have let them close to you or into your Heart even, but yet they drain you with constant negativity. The friend who always calls you to offload for hours for end, yet rarely even asks you how you are. Or the Co Worker that pretends to have your best interests at heart, yet feeds you with Negativity to hold you down and keep them elevated! Maybe you are in Relationship where your Partner is so low vibration (maybe through sickness or addiction) the whole time, that you would feel guilty even if you were the happy vibrant Light being you really are so you Dull your own Light to match them!

As an Empath you attract these people to you and If you are living with Negative people that are close to you day in day out, this is really going to SAP your energy the most out of ALL Situations. Your Home needs to be your Castle Energy wise - the place where you can go away from all the outside Energy and have a Beautiful Cleansed Space that is Energy Neutral so you can relax and soak up PEACE. If you identify with this Last point it's time to take a hard look at the people who are so very close to you that demand your energy constantly and start slowly and lovingly releasing anyone that no longer has your best interests at Heart for your own good.

5 - Have Reiki regularly or Get Attuned YOURSELF to Reiki. I can't tell you how much Reiki has helped me to understand Energy as a Concept, the way Energy flows in all United ways and also to get a grip on my own Energy. In my Own Journey, I had to learn and train up to Reiki Master level over a 5 year journey to fully learn and understand the Energetic "Laws" if you like! But even if you just take a Reiki Level One course with your Local Reiki Master, you will start to not only understand how Energy works, but also have access to unlimited Universal Energy from Source that is Reiki whenever you call upon it with love and good intention to help you and your family, pets or loved ones. The information and knowledge plus the constant renewal of universal energy will always be there for you to tap into when you need it.

I highly recommend either seeing a Reiki Master every 6 - 10 weeks for a Reiki session or just get attuned yourself and you can start you own self management of energy on your own terms and in your own time.

6 - Wear and Use Crystals Daily to Protect Your Chakras. Crystals are such an Important Tool for Protection of Energy and when you use and treated them correctly they will be your best friends and empowering Weapons in your Life!

To gain the most from Crystals wear them either on your Left hand side as a Bracelet or Ring for Example. The Left hand side of the Body is the Entry point for Energy so use Crystals to protect this side of your body. Similarly, if people are standing to the LEFT of you, their Energy is entering your Auric field, so if you feel uncomfortable in their Energy simply walk around so they are now on your RIGHT hand side and you will find their Energy much less intrusive!

Use Crystal Cages and Pouches and adjust each one length wise, so they sit over your Heart, Solar Plexus and Sacral Chakras in particular! Think of them as Crystal Barriers, transmuting negative energy or too high vibrations into one the body can absorb with ease and balanced energy.

7- Use Sage and Palo Santo Wood or Essential Oils to Cleanse Yourself Daily. Burning Sage and Palo Santo Wood Daily is so beneficial to cleansing all Energy that isn't your own OFF OF YOU cleansing your Chakras and Auric Field! Don't be shy or skrimp with the amount you burn - you literally want to immerse yourself in THICK smoke and also by doing a House cleanse as and when you feel it needs it - is a Must! Light the sage and or the Palo wood and disperse the smoke with a Feather if you have one. Make sure you get the smoke all over you hands top and bottom run it along your arms, infront of your chest and Heart Chakra, infront of your Third Eye Chakra, Over the top of your Head, your Stomach Area and even up and down the legs and feet! You will literally feel your Energy change for the better as you run the smoke along your Body!

Use Frankincense and Palo Santo Oils or Resin in Oil Burners each Morning and Night to purify your Space and Person. They not only smell Beautiful and make you feel Revitalised, they Literally Strip all Negative Forces out of you and your living space. I use My Healing Oils every single day infused with Crystals and Palo Santo/Frankincense and in ALL my Holistic Treatments to ward off Negative Vibes or Intrusive Energy from Clients. Powerful Protection so I can Embrace in the Spiritual Loving Healing Energies of Treatments without Negative attachments.

8 - Its ok to take time to be by yourself away from everyone you love to sit in your own energy & restore. In fact it is more than ok - You NEED to do this OFTEN as an Intuitive Empath to Balance yourself!

When you are by yourself, or just with TRUE Loved Ones or even other Empaths/Soul Family, you can enjoy just being your usual full of light and happy self with no Qualms or Hindrance.

Start to notice how you feel on your own, and then how each and every person you meet in the day makes you feel. You will start to Master what your Own Energy feels like when you take time to be alone.

I can not Emphasis how important spending time in Nature is to an Empath also! It will literally RESTORE your Energy if you walk along the Beach or in the Woods. I have to do both Daily and I am Blessed that where I live I can do that and walk miles uninterrupted, so please just go out in Nature where ever you are, as often as you can and just sit down and listen. Just listen to the Birds, hear them speaking to each other long distances, Look at the Trees Surrounding you and just Embrace your Blessings and connect with the Pure Energy of Mother Nature. There is Nothing more Cleansing than simply being at One with Mother Earth. Walk Bare Foot, Walk or Swim by the Sea, Connect and Soak in the Healing Energy that is there for us all.

9 - Keep a Journal to note how each and every person or place you Encounter during the day made you feel. By creating a Journal you are recording a Diary essentially of what you wish to note down. It is essentially a Guide that you can look back on in time and take Guidance From! Note Down how you fell at the start of the day, Dreams you had in the night, How the environments you entered during the day made you feel, How the people you encountered made you feel. Start to write it down, so you get a handle on the overall Energy of each situation to gain a clearer perspective.

10 - Find your Soul Family to be at Peace! Guess what? YOU are not alone! Lots of people are Awakening right now and developing skills or having physic abilities

that the Western World would label as "Depression" or maybe even "Manic Depressive".

But today we have the Internet and Freedom of Speech! There are so many Millions of Individual people sharing Information and putting themselves out there against popular beliefs that we are Empowered and Connecting as a Soul Family.

When you Surround Yourself with the Right Kind of Positive People that are on the Same Pathway as you - you know it because you are an Empath right? You KNOW when you see people who genuinely have your back! When you Honour Yourself and do that - you are Supported by all the Higher Forces you can Imagine and are fulfilling your Soul Purpose. Find and Unite with your Soul Family and the Magic will Flow and help all involved!

I hope you find this Blog helpful to Protect your Energy Levels if you Identify with being an Intuitive Empath! It has taken me quite some time to get to grips with these points and to Grow to embrace them, so I hope some of the points will resonate with you, or be of some help in your journey in some way! :)

Much Love and Light on your Travels. Namaha, Lisa X

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