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PTSD and Reiki

PTSD or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is a serious issue for the many people who experience it. There are so many traumatic experiences that can trigger PTSD, from a one off horrific experience, to several sustained horrific experiences over a period of time!

I myself have experienced a prolonged time of sexual, physical and mental abuse during my childhood up to the age of 9 years old, and know a little about PTSD. I understand about avoidance issues, alcohol issues, and emotional numbing to try to cope with my experiences. I feel lucky that although I have been in dark times in the Past, I haven't had the darkest of experiences like some sufferers of PTSD, and have kind of come to Peace.

I do not pretend to understand All the complex issues of all the forms of PTSD, but I can offer an Understanding, and Listen to you - Hear your Story without Judgement. Reiki Healing has helped me to overcome most of, and nearly all of my past issues to do with PTSD and I know it can help you if you.

Please listen prepared to do work on yourself and face your inner issues....

If you wish to have Reiki when you are suffering from PTSD then please come with a mindset of wishing to tackle and deal with your inner issues or "demons" if you will.

Reiki will bring up issues you are suppressing or trying to suppress, in order for you to see them clearly and then release them for good. You might like to walk around suppressing your emotions, visuals and feelings thinking it "works" for you, but that doesn't work to heal, and you know that deep down. To Heal you have to face those issues, look at them head on, see clearly aspects of yourself or others that you may not like, see that, and make changes for you and for a better future for yourself free from those past issues....

This video is about a Soldier benefiting from Holistic Therapy :

It is slightly uncomfortable for a while as you face your deeply buried feelings, but it will also be a gentle, loving intention to yourself to let them flow to the surface for eventual release. Reiki only shows you what you can handle, as such, so you won't be overwhelmed all at once by your emotions. By bringing these issues to the surface they can then be released for good if you let them. Each Reiki session you have will bring new issues up for you, until you really have no more to release and you feel lighter than ever having let go of your haunting memories and loops! It sounds unreal, but try it, and you will see what I mean. It can be can so Freeing....

How Reiki can help PTSD:

* Reiki allows deep relaxation. When the treatment is in progress you can fully detach from any problems that are plaguing your brain and just allow yourself to relax to a very deep level. 40 minutes or an hour of Reiki feels like a deep 4-6 hour sleep at least! It can take you some time to "come round" from a treatment and It is deeply rejuvenating to those who never sleep because of PTSD related issues. Also the night you have had Reiki most people report a Deep Healing Sleep like they haven't experienced for a long time!

* Reiki heals the Emotional Issues you have to face to Heal! As mentioned you will need to put work into yourself to move past them, but take note of any emotional issues that arise after Reiki - do not ignore them, try to acknowledge them and see how you can let go of that issue to help yourself heal and move forwards.

* Reiki Energy makes the process of dealing with your issues much more Loving than just trying to bring the issues up raw. It seems to only bring up just enough as and when you need the move forward. You don't have to deal with all of your shit all at once basically!! Just slowly and gently! Nothing is Forced ...... You are tuned into you, and your energy to move forwards.

* Reiki can then after Helping your Emotional Issues, give you your "Life Calling" ( Your Soul Mission - what you are here to really do in life rather than your 9-5 job ) as it did me. Life will just become clearer to you, as to what makes you happy, and what you need to do to move forwards and make your life the best it can be for you and your heart! Your Authentic, Loving, Happy self!! You might be moved to just do what you really love to do, or maybe move from the person who was needing help - to helping others who are reaching out..............

Please do not hesitate to get in contact should you wish for Reiki Healing :

Namaha, Lisa X

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