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So you had your Spiritual Awakening? Now come the "Stages of Awakening"

Once you have had your "Spiritual Awakening" ( I don't really like that term, but for now it seems we have no other terms to explain this phenomena that so many people are experiencing right now in our Millions on Mother Earth) YOU are going to come across several well documented stages along your journey.

Many different people will experience different things uniquely, so the amount of stages seems to vary from person to person. If you look up "Stages of Awakening" on Youtube for example, each video made has a different take on how many stages there are and it varies from around 4 - 11 or more even!

It is important to understand though that these "Stages" are not set in time, or even in order, for example you don't go through Phase One then progress to Phase Two, then Three...

But that these Stages will or may cycle many times over and over, until we start seeing things in a Broader prospective and use these phases to our benefit and understand them better by Growing and even anticipating the next phase.

Our Challenge is to Grow somehow (even in small ways or Big ways) each time we enter the particular Phase we are in, but also accept that this stage will lovingly come around again in the future with another challenge for us, if we did not grow enough the first time it was presented to us with love....

With that said, I am just going to go over the stages that I personally feel are the most prevalent, have experienced myself in cycles, and that are more commonly experienced and documented to help others understand. Please do look up more stages at your own will, if it sparks your interest.....

The Stages are an Experience for US to GROW, so by understanding them and what happens to us each stage, we can embrace them, grow faster, learn faster and hopefully not have to endure too many endless Cycles of these Stages!

Stage One - The Undoing of All you ever Knew

Maybe you actually wanted or tried to activate your Awakening, But Maybe You were Rudely Awakened from your Mundane Life....You didn't even ask for an Awakening maybe? If you find you had an Awakening you can bet your Life your SOUL was calling out for Deep Inner Change and for you to Go Deep and look inside yourself, and your life, and see if everything you do is with Integrity and Love for Others and Your Higher Self.

Regardless of why you got to this point, Your Soul will actively ask or say to you....

Are you living a Lie? Are you being True to YOU? Do you do what others Expect of you? Do you pay Energy into the "Look at me Plastic $$$$" on the Gram or Other Social Networks? Are you a Productive Human Being helping Society? Are you Self Focused? Could YOU do more in Life to Follow Your Calling? Are YOU being Authentic to that Higher Voice inside your Head? Are you Strong Enough to Work on YOU to make YOU so Peaceful and Free of all Your Crap so you are Free and help Guide Others? Are YOU ready to LET GO? Are You Ready, because I AS YOUR HIGHER SELF AND SOUL WILL make you make YOU FACE these issues Ready or Not Here I Come.......!

Get ready to feel Uncomfortable as your Soul challenges your Ego. The bigger your Ego, the more you may have to repeat this Cycle as well, so bear that in mind and allow your Soul to overtake the Ego, and do what is right for you. You will be faced with Resistance and Fear from the Ego part of your brain that just wants to cling to the Old, the Familiar, the "Better the Devil you Know", but the more you Trust and Let Go the easier it will be for you.

If you keep trying to Ignore Phase One and deny your Awakening by kidding yourself that your Life is Ok and doesn't need or want this change, then Good Luck trying to ignore this "The Undoing of All you ever Knew" stage, as you will experience the cycle many times until finally you accept all that is being show to you to change, even as overwhelming as it may present to you. You Can and Will find and be Given the Strength to look at the things being presented to you that need to change for you to Ultimately be Happy and at Peace should you chose to move forwards.

If you are Repeating this "The Undoing of All you ever Knew" Stage Again and again? - This Stage, as all of them is Invaluable, but THIS stage WILL ALSO present itself Every time you have Strayed off Track on your path and YOU Need to come back Home and Refocus where you are going also ( Back home to Spirit and Meditation) . So If you are on your 2nd or 3rd round of this stage please retrace your steps, look at why you are called back to stage one, there is a CORE first step lesson to be learned that you missed if you are pulled back to this stage.

"The Undoing of All you ever Knew" - The First stage is looking Honestly within yourself at the Changes that Need to made and accepting the challenge ahead.....

Stage Two - Heightened Awareness and Unlocking of Psychic Gifts previously Untapped

Colour now seems Brighter around you Right? Sound seems different and more Sharp? You seem to have a more immediate and Heightened Awareness of things that were previously Mundane and Usual to you. NOW, you suddenly see them and appreciate your Surroundings, Your Imagination and Creativity is Unlocked, You may even unlock your Third Eye or Crown Chakra or ALL your Chakras, and Life feels so Different. You are in Synchronicity and feel your Surroundings like never before! You feel At One, You feel the Connection between ALL that exists.

On top of that you may also be experiencing New Psychic phenomena that you have never before experienced that may be unsettling you. Please Do Not be scared or worried by the New Psychic Gateways that are re- opening in you. You can relax knowing that actually these abilities are just being remembered in you, and that you have done this before even with ease and skill.

As you trust and remember that hearing or seeing/hearing/feeling/knowing spirit is what you experience daily, then you can open up more readily and accept your Gifts without trying to fight it. If you Fight the existence of Orbs/Visions/Sounds or any Psychic things you experience and you project Fear instead of Acceptance you are Fighting and Resisting Change and are asking for this Stage to Come Around Once again in the Future.

If you are Repeating this "Heightened Awareness and Unlocking of Psychic Gifts previously Untapped" Stage Again and again? You are either Scared of your New found Gifts or you don't wish to Develop them. I am sorry, but until you Give In and Accept these Gifts into your Life things will be tricky. You have these Gifts and this Stage is just a Calling to You to Accept them! Bring them into your Life.

"Heightened Awareness and Unlocking of Psychic Gifts previously Untapped" Give in and See or Observe Yourself from the Outside and Embrace your Gifts

Stage Three - Integrating the Higher Vibrations that are Now Entering you

You may well be feeling quite overwhelmed by the New Higher Energy or Kundalini that is flooding your Body and Mind Now. You are probably trying to deal with not "rambling" or "over speaking" your point with people, but loosing your point if you do speak up, as no matter what you say you feel it will not connect with anyone you try to talk to that hasn't been awakened!

You are probably feeling Un-grounded at this point trying to cope with the Higher Vibrations that are entering You! You can tell/speak with/ try to chat to those around you about what you feel, but you feel a certain DIS CONNECT with them and are more inclined to seek more Earthly Grounded Spiritual Connections.

To Earth the Energy:

Integrating these New Higher Frequencies is ALL about GROUNDING, GROUNDING, GROUNDING!

By taking these Higher Energies Deep into Us and then Pushing them into the Earth, Mother Earth Grounds the Intense Energy that is now Running through us and Returns Peace and Integration on a Level that you have probably never experienced before but in time will come to accept it as Right. We have to trust that we are now really Alone on our Own Journeys and Essentially only We can Ground and work with Integrating these Energies little by little and to Earth them Simultaneously.

If you are Repeating this "Integrating the Higher Vibrations that are Now Entering you" Stage

Take a Look Outside of Yourself and Observe the Patterns you may be Repeating as if you are an Outsider! What advice would You give Yourself?

"Integrating the Higher Vibrations that are Now Entering you" Give in and See or Observe Yourself from the Outside and Embrace your Gifts

Stage Four - The Hermit/ Dark Night of the Soul

After the Rise Up of the Kundali of stage Three, and all the Integrations of Energies you could only imagine existed........ comes the Dark Night of the Soul and then the Hermit Phase. This feels like such a blow at first after all you have come through so far and experienced and embraced the first 3 stages, why would you now have to face your deepest, darkest thoughts and fears?

Why would you now be Forced into Introspection, after just getting used to your new found psychic skills or that you think you have let go of Stage 1 -3 maybe?

Stage Four is THAT time to Digest, to maybe think upon why you didn't do enough on the stages before, and also to digest the fact they are going to come around ONCE again IF you didn't learn enough the first time! This time calls you to Withdraw.....into Hermit Phase:

The Hermit Phase is an Introspective Light Driven Soul that is Seeking Further Knowledge Constantly and isn't afraid of the Dark. The Hermit Holds a Staff of Light that although standing in Dark times, this Staff penetrates Darkness and is able to Hold a Space of Healing. The Hermit Represents Your Healing and Your Ability to Heal in this Stage regardless of Dark Times presented to you or in your Way. You will be learning, watching, acting quietly without waves and Integrating all the previous stages into your being with Grace and Silence. You are a Quiet Light Being and empowered by not having to tell anyone.

If you are Repeating this "The Hermit/ Dark Night of the Soul" Stage Again and again? - Just Accept it as a Part of Your Course No Matter how many times it Challenges You! Trying to Challenge entering this Stage is not conductive to Growth hence why you will enter this Hermit or Dark Night of the Soul Phase until you Master it without Fear.

"The Hermit/ Dark Night of the Soul" - A Stage You may Enter Many Times - Just Embrace it and Go With the Flow, Learn and Submit. Grow .....

Seek your own truth. I hope this can be of some Guidance, but I urge you to Seek and Embrace Your Own Journey and Stages :)

Namaha, Lisa X

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