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Waking Up and Energising yourself for the Day Ahead with Sound, Movement and Meditation

The start of the day is the Most Important part of the day (aside of Bedtime) to really focus on either draining negative energy away from you, or to harvest positive energy into your being. This blog is about Waking and Energising yourself for the day ahead energetically, with Sound, Movement and Meditation.

For one day I challenge you to not look at your phone, emails, business or internet links upon the first few minutes of waking! Just for one day, leave it alone and think about charging up your own energy for the day ahead first before you look at what is going on in the World online.

The 3 best ways you can raise your energy for the day ahead and charge you from Head to Toe is with Music, Movement and Meditation! Try It and see for yourself! Please Feel free to try the methods below and I promise you will really feel the benefits energetically!

The Ideas below are examples of 3 different ways you enhance your Energy upon Waking :

Music - singing Mantras and using Hand Mudras

A very gentle way to wake up and engage your positive Energy is with mantra and mudra combinations. It really does generate Vibrant energy especially, and can be so very energising and yet calming/peaceful at the same time. This video below is a perfect example of using voice and hands to create energy and harmony within your body. I feel this is a perfect morning mantra/mudra combo to liven up your body and manifest energy and peace combined - a very beautiful recording and live set from Nirinjan Kaur :

Nirinjan Kaur sings "Sa Re Sa Sa" Live at Sat Nam Fest East

If that doesn't sit well with you, and you don't like mantras and mudras! You could alternatively just listen to a beautiful song that uplifts you! Play something that evokes the mood you wish to set for the day ahead, or that just simply makes you smile! Music plays a powerful part in elevating our energy and emotions so why not take advantage of that first thing in the morning for a better day!


Instead of hunching over your laptop or phone within minutes of waking needing to Look in, why not do some simple moves to get your energy flowing instead? The videos below show simple Qi Gong Energy harvesting and balancing techniques that have been used for thousands of years. They are definitely effective for raising, harvesting and most importantly moving energy around the body with flow and motion, shifting blocks and creating energy pathways.

The video below isn't ideal in that large American Polluting Planes keep droning over his voice, but the Moves he demonstrates really do work well to remove any funky stagnant energy and replace it with much more Lively and Reactive Energy. A solid way to start the morning :

After you have done those more brash Energy enhancing moves, why not try some more Gentle traditional Qi Gong? Much more subtle, connective movements that capture centuries of Spirit and Perfection of Movement...

I have played this simple video on repeat many times and think it is worth sharing although very short. The moves are very energising :

The Video below is a beautiful example of the Quiet movement of Energy that Qi Gong represents. It is more about the Slow and Quiet flow of Positive Chi or Energy into and then Around the Body, rather than Brash, Fast movement. Very beneficial in the Morning (or Evening) This slow and Purposeful movement demonstrates Powerful concentration on Visualising and Mastering the harness and flow of Energy that exists in each and every one of us :

Meditation and Chakra Cleanses

Quiet meditations and Positive affirmations and Chakra Cleanses are very beneficial to your Mind and Body first thing in the morning. It sets your mindset for the day by enhancing positive thought patterns and at the same time encourages you to visualise your own healing of the Chakras and Etheric Fields.

I love this morning Chakra energising meditation as I feel it it is calming, imaginative and engaging with High Vibrations - see what you think, have a Listen ......

I have found these techniques shared from others who are skilled and knowledgeable very helpful, so I hope by sharing them with you that you may find it helpful also!

Namaha, Lisa x

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