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Empath or Doormat?

Being an Empath isn't easy at times! Being able to sense and know others emotions/thoughts or feelings means that as we feel those emotions ourselves we almost want to deal with them as our own! We can not deal with other peoples emotions as our own, and we know that, but sometimes it doesn't stop us trying even though we know better!

We can then get frustrated when try as we will to "fix" or "help" that person that won't do the work required for themselves to feel better, instead preferring to turn to us - the Empath, the nice one who will never say No to them, the one who fills them with kind or encouraging words every time they need them, the one who feeds them light and positive vibes or ideas when they are in the dark! So does that make us a Doormat for always saying yes? For always providing the Light even at expense to ourselves? Even though we are just trying to alleviate the feelings we KNOW they have? Well yes, in some cases it does!

Anita Moorjani is a Lady who came through the other side of cancer very much the wiser on how she felt about the spiritual reasons why she got cancer in the first place. This will not resonate with everyone but those on the Holistic pathway believe that physical illness is born from spiritual imbalances or imbalances within ourselves/ or the universe / God / Goddess inside of all of us to be more precise. Anita has many videos online to watch, and I have been making my way through them since I was given her name to check out by Samatha Cullingford from Healing Touch Norfolk (who I HIGHLY recommend - beautiful soul and healer).

This video below particularly resonates me with, especially at this time when we are going through such major astrological and spiritual changes. People are leaping out of the woodwork at me, people from the past who should be buried back in the past are resurfacing to try to grab a little more light. Memories of how that made them feel better are being stirred up right now. So if you are an Empath, be wary over the next few months as you may find the same happening to you as people try to balance the unsettling energies of the next few months YOU will be in demand. Just make sure you are an Empath and not a Door Mat, and also remember you can lead a horse to water, but if it doesn't drink, then leave it there with the water and the best will in the world to drink it, but leave it there without guilt and with love in your heart !!! :)

Listen to these Wise Words from Anita Moorjani :

Much love to all my fellow Empaths! Namaha, Lisa X

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