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Intuitive Empath Survival Guide 333 - Am I an Empath?

In my role as a Holistic Practitioner I sometimes have the Great pleasure of treating people who are awakening, but do not know it yet! This is the second time in a week I have had conversations with clients, where the person didn't realise they were an Intuitive Empath and were suffering from the consequences so I am compelled to write a series of Blogs about all the various aspects of being an Intuitive Empath so that you may identify some of the signs and maybe even benefit from some advise.

I believe there are so many people out there who are intuitive empaths on the verge of breakdown/exhaustion/suicide because they do not realise they are Empathic. They believe they have depression, are going slightly mad, are burdened with everyone elses problems constantly and are overloaded with emotions that are not their own. They can also be prone to self medicate to try to cope with the overwhelming external feelings and energy they have to deal with.

As an Intuitive Empath myself, it is easy for me to spot the signs in others and it is part of my "mission" to help others identify what being an Empath means and also how to live with being highly Empathic and Intuitive.

Here are a few Q&A's that may help you connect or identify with being an Empath.

So, what is an Empath?

An Empath is the person everyone turns to when they need Healing, or to be Heard Deeply without Judgement, or for their Soul to be Connected to Source.

Empathy is a normal human trait and if we had no Empathy the world would be a crueler, colder place to exist. With normal empathy we can emphasis with someone elses pain or problems, but if you are an Empath you will actually FEEL that persons pain or problems within your own body! Actually experiencing their pain as if it is your own is what drives an Empath to help the other person in the early stages (before you get a handle on your Empathic abilities), if only to ease your OWN "suffering" of THEIR feelings!

It hurts you so badly when someone is in pain or is asking for help, that you have to help regardless of your own self! If you only had 1 can of beans left in your cupboard and someone else needed it - you would without thought or hesitation give it to them.

Am I in Depression or experiencing Spiritual symptoms?

In the Western world every down/low point in our lives is labelled as Depression and served with a cocktail of man made chemical drugs via doctors with vested interests! Depression is a serious illness of the mind, and I am not saying that it should not be medicated if needed. But, what I am saying is be sure what you experiencing is not a Spiritual Awakening, or that your have psychic skills such as being an Intuitive Empath, before you take man made chemicals designed to change/Dull your Beautiful Mind. Being an Empath or Awakening with your Spiritual Self is not a mental illness that requires medication, although it does require Self Mastery so you can protect your energy..... to be in balance.

Why can't I identify or tell anyone these feelings I am experiencing?

Because YOU have a Gift they do not is the very simple answer. Other people they talk to do not feel their pain like YOU do, because they do not have the heightened awareness you have. 99% of the time you will know what the other person is feeling and thinking, even when they say otherwise, so conversation seems almost pointless sometimes as you know all the lies they are essentially telling you.....

For example, They may say they are feeling fine for example, but you KNOW they are not because you can FEEL their vibration on your body. They may avoid certain straight forward questions with an evasive facade, but you see right through them because no matter what people SAY to you you FEEL them and their truths. This causes you to feel a certain disconnect with people who are not authentic in heart and voice.... you find it hard to identify with people like that. You will 99% of the time always be met with resistance/ego or even hostility as well if you try to explain that you know they are not being truthful to you with their energies, so you never speak up about it which also makes the void larger sometimes.

People are always coming to me with their problems....why?

They come to you because even they don't know that you are Empathic their soul is guided to you for Healing. You listen to them like no other and their Soul will feel you connecting to them even though their conscious mind isn't aware of it. Simply put, they feel so much better in your company as you soothe their problems and worries just with your higher vibration, sunny nature and willingness to listen and actively help/engage with them.

Many Intuitive Empaths connect to the terms "Starseed" or "Lightworker." You may feel like you were put here for a reason much larger than your mind can imagine, you may even feel like an Alien sometimes.... like you just don't fit in anywhere, like you want to "Go Home" sometimes. Look up the terms "Starseed" and "Lightworker" if they resonate with you.

Why am I driven to help everyone that asks me and even people who don't, even if I have no energy left to give myself?

It is your soul mission to help and shine Light where there is Darkness. You were given these Highly developed skills to help others awaken and tackle their own demons. A common mistake in the early stages is we try to take on everyone elses problems for them and exhaust ourselves in the process, but in time you will learn that it is about pointing people in the right direction so they can HELP THEMSELVES, rather than you doing the work for them and exhausting yourself of all your own energy. It is your soul mission to help people and to shine Light into the Darkness, but NEVER at the cost of your own self and your Own Energy.

You give so selflessly, but you have to learn to harvest your energy, protect your energy and give out your special energy to those who truly want it, and not to Energy Vampire/ Co Dependant/ Narcassist/ Ego Driven types of people that are only too ready to take ALL of your energy and give NOTHING in return, and EVEN WORSE are not willing to work on themselves or their problems.

Why am I constantly Exhausted after people offload their problems to me?

Because you listen and you feel with 100% of your heart with each and every daily interaction. You give all your energy away freely to help others and don't think of your own energy. But, when your energy has hit rock bottom and you have a "break down" or a very low period of no energy (commonly called depression) - you literally can NOT function. You have given all your energy to everyone that wanted it so selflessly....... and now YOU can't function, because you have no energy to even wash or care about anything! You are a Flat Battery!

It is your job to understand that by you keeping your energy up, keeping healthy boundaries, and by mastering your Empathic skills and choosing carefully who to help, you can live your life to the full once again and be of service still, but keep the balance of energy for yourself! Stop running yourself into Flat Battery state, and start managing who you expend your precious healing energy on.

You are also Exhausted because......

You have absorbed their energy! Empaths not only get to feel what others are feeling, but we also absorb that energy and integrate it into our own Energy! Until we learn to protect and maintain our own energy fields, we are wide open to taking on everyone elses negative energies .....

So after someone has offloaded their problems onto you, they walk away feeling great and you walk away feeling terrible! They have literally transferred their Negative Energy into your Aura and Chakras. As an Emapth you need to learn to protect your Chakras and also work alot of your Energy field with Reiki, or Tai Chi or Yoga or Crystals, Smudging to keep out any unwanted energy.

You have to be very selective about who you spend your time with. If you are spend most of your time around people who are not matching your high vibration, it will just drag you down. Find your Soul Family to Connect to so you have people on the same Vibration and Understanding as you to balance your Exhaustion.

I always feel energy when I walk into a room or workplace, sometimes maybe even before I go there, and it effects how I feel!

When you walk into a new environment be that a workplace or supermarket, or even an empty space you can always FEEL the energy inside of you. You will use words to yourself such as the energy feels "Spikey" or "Excited" or "Heavy/Sad" it might feel "Fluffy" or "Warm" - you will experience the energy as a tangible feeling inside of you. You can walk into a room and know if there was an argument a few hours ago there even - you have a heightened sensitivity to your surroundings.

If you are about to go somewhere even, you may even start to get the feeling long before you arrive as you are so Intuitive. This skill definitely develops over time and even helps you avoid going to negative environments in the first place, when you start to get a handle on your skills! You will get an energetic intuitive vibe and be able to make your excuses why you shouldn't go and avoid a negative situation ahead of time. Or flip it around and you will know when you are about to have an AMAZING time in an Awesome atmosphere! It goes both ways.

What can I do about this? I need some Peace from the bombardment of other peoples thoughts and feelings!

There are sooo many things you can actually do once you identify as being an Intuitive Empath. The skills to manage your ability take a little time to Master, but if you do not take the time to do so, then you will always be at the mercy of whose ever energy you come across day in day out.

Walk past an Angry, nasty will feel angry and have invasive thoughts. Walk past someone who just lost their beloved and you will be filled with sorrow to the core of your heart. Spend time letting someone offload their life stories to you and expect to feel ALL of the emotions attached to each and every story they tell you. How can you be YOU when you constantly filled with other peoples emotions, thoughts and feelings?

It is very much in your interest to Master your beautiful skill of being an Intuitive Empath. If you have identified with this Blog In the next few blogs I will be giving my advice on Protecting your Energy as an Intuitive Empath" and also "How to Restore and Maintain your Energy as an Intuitive Empath".

I hope this Blog has been helpful! Wishing you Light and Love and on your Journey. It isn't an easy path, but I have full respect for anyone that tackles it head on and steps into their Power :) Please read the second part to this HERE ON HOW TO PROTECT YOUR ENERGY as an Empath

Namaha, Lisa x

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