Aim : Tackle tired looking skin and get a Rosy Glow!

Description : A hidden smooth Rose Quartz Crystal sits amongst a Silky Manuka Honey soap bar.

Fragrance : Very gentle fragrance of Manuka Honey. No added fragrances.

Properties : Rose Quartz is the crystal of love and nurturing, healing and smoothing over! In Crystal Healing Rose Quartz is passed over the skin, about an inch or more above the skin and also in direct contact massaged into the skin! Rose Quartz will make your skin glow, and once it has melted out of the soap bar, you will of course have a beautiful crystal to massage your face with and also use over your Heart Chakra in meditation should you wish to!

Manuka Honey is known to keep the skin clear, youthful and hydrated! It has antibacterial properties to help with blemishes, contains hydrogen peroxide and has high levels of methylglyoxal responsible for killing viruses and bacteria! It has high anti inflammatory properties, balances the skins ph levels and contains amino acids to keep the pores clear and skin fresh! As well as all that it helps support collagen  in the skin in many ways making it great for anti ageing!

100% Natural SLS Free Rose Quartz Crystal and Manuka Honey Soap Bar