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6 Months "All In New Me Full Support" Course - This course is for those that are getting over the bigger issues in life such as Childhood Sexual/Physical/Mental Abuse or Narcissist Parents/Relationships! This package includes:

* Distance (1 session per month) or Hands On Reiki Healing (2 sessions if you are local or willing to travel)

* 12 Modules of Coaching (of your choice) Plus Coursework (2 per month)

* 3 Oracle Card Readings (1 every 2 months)

* 3 Guided Meditation videos tailored to you (1 every 2 months)

* Unlimited Email Support

* A written or video assessment (your choice) on far how you have come at the end of the 6 months

6 Months "All In New Me Full Support" 121 Intuitive Guidance Course

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