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Empath 5 week 5 Modules Course - This course is for my lovely Empaths and it focuses on 5 important aspects that you may well want to Master as an Empath so that you see this psychic sense as a Gift and not a Curse! This package includes:

* 5 Modules of Coaching Plus Coursework - 1 Module per week

  • How to work out what your own "Energy Baseline" is and what energy is coming from External "Forces and Sources".

  • How to have Strong Energetic Boundaries as an Empath.

  • How to Block unwanted Energy as an Empath

  • How to remove Negative Energy as an Empath

  • How to charge yourself back up with Positive Energy as an Empath

* Unlimited Email Support

Empath 5 week 5 Modules 121 Intuitive Guidance Course

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