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Jan 10, 2022
In Into the Light
Hi all, wanted to see if others would share their success tips that have helped them stay on this journey. Below are things Im trying to decipher how best to utilize Or see if anyone has comments. pyramids, hats, etc. (anyone make them) EMF- blocking devices -? Anyone make any? Do you turn WiFi off at night? keep phones/computers out of room If possible? Overall, how do we protect ourselves from dark electromagnetic frequency/waves? Especially when jobs, or schools everywhere we go uses technology. meditation? - laying or sitting. music no music. frequency channels (Lisa I know you mentioned a few before). How do you know they aren’t getting hijacked? Light Language?
Jan 03, 2022
In Into the Dark
After the newsletter I read this. What are your thoughts? I tried to put link in but won’t work… here is a screenshot you can read up on. Im going to research more C spectrum And impacts of body. Newsletter was insightful!
5G rollout big companies rejected US request to delay more than 2 weeks.  Delay due to safety concerns.  content media


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