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Michael Grab - Gravity Glue - The Most Beautiful Stone Stacking Artist

Micheael Grab is a well know Stone Stacking "Master" and uses the force of Gravity to Sculpt beautiful, abstract and uniformed Natural works of art in their Natural surroundings. There is something quite ancient about picking up stones and earth objects and arranging them in patterns with symbolism that can sometimes be obvious, or even as form of self expression or to release stress! I absolutely love Stone Stacking, Natural Works of Art and Using your surroundings to enhance their own beauty. This is a very calming video from Michael I am sharing with you - there are many more on Youtube but this one I really find Enchanting! I hope you do to :)

It takes patience and a great understanding of balance to achieve such sculptures, so it is no wonder that Michael is a spiritual soul undertaking his Soul Journey to show us how the impossible can be achieved if we focus. And also that creating Art doesn't have to impact on the land in any negative way and that we should always use what is around us without impact or disturbance to the Natural Balance. Intriguing use of Gravity as Glue....

If you are interested to learn more check out his website :

Namaha, Lisa X

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