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Corton Woods Group Lowestoft - Amazing Volunteers - Earth Warriors!

I have to give credit to an amazing group of volunteers that visit the woods every Thursday at 9.30am! The woods/small Nature Reserve at Corton are always Pristine and feature on the front page of my website and in many other photos I take! It is a place of Natural Beauty - small and managed, but not over managed! It rarely has litter thanks to these volunteers, and has such a Peaceful Harmonic Vibe to it that I frequent there regularly to Ground and absorb the Beauty of the Place! There are lots of Deer, Birds, Squirrels, Moths, Butterflies, Rabbits and many other Creatures and the sights and sounds of Corton Woods can be quite enticing and also deeply Healing!

I am very thankful to the lovely people I spoke to today that allowed me take their photos and to share what they are quietly doing every week so that many people can enjoy this Beautiful place daily! I wanted to bring to Light the amazing work they are doing, so hopefully you may be inspired to join them, or even to make your own similar group in your own area of the World.

On my walk I stopped and asked these Gentlemen what they were doing as I thought they were testing the water:

Corton Woods Group Lowestoft

It turned out they were heroically filling up huge canisters from the large pond to put water into the forest saplings that they previously planted in Spring, that were now crispy dry because of the no rain situation we are experiencing! For example this is normally a Water Source in Corton Woods that is now a deeply cracked dried out area that can be walked on! :

Dried out Water source - 2018 HOT summer

A possible sign of the future? I can't remember the last Rain Fall this year....

standing in a pond - so dry the summer of 2018

After speaking to the Gentlemen about what they were doing, I then found a group of four Lovely Ladies relaxing in the Shade, taking a break from their hard work, under one of my favourite Ancient Oak Trees - a huge one that must be at least 500 years old by its Girth:

They were so interesting to talk to and we had a brief chat about the woods and also about how much plastic we find Beach cleaning in Lowestoft, in particular cotton buds, and Plastic Nurdles that I kept finding all winter! It was lovely to find out more about what they are doing and have the chance to thank them in person also. All of the Ladies and Gents I spoke to today have True Green Hearts and a love of Mother Nature and I salute you all!

Parched Land and the Volunteers Wheel Barrow in Corton:

parched land corton - wheel barrow left at rest by volunteers

The group of Volunteers converted an Old Bus Shelter into a Tool shed on Corton Road and that is where they meet every week! If you should like to volunteer yourself then pop down to the converted Bus Shelter, just before you get to Long Lane, that has a Green Door at about 9.20am on a Thursday morning :) You will find a like minded cheery group of Volunteers with Big Green Hearts ready to clean up and maintain a small precious patch of Mother Nature! They will welcome you with open arms :)

I take my hat off to all of you and thankyou deeply from my heart for such an excellent job in keeping this area so Pristine and trying to spread around the Water that is left and maintain Life! It is so rare and precious to see a clean, litter free area these days, and what you are doing is invaluable to Mother Earth and for Us all to enjoy! Thankyou Corton Woods Group, and I hope you inspire others to join you, or even create their own similar group in their own part of the World! No effort is ever too small or too big to help Mother Earth :)

Namaha, Lisa X

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