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The Green Lady Eco Store, Lowestoft - A one stop shop for all your Vegan and Eco needs!

As a Collective we are all now Awakening to the Damage we have done to our Planet! Not just with the plastic mess we have created, but also by over farming animal stock, using toxic chemicals daily in most of our cosmetics and cleaners, raping resources and the list continues! So when I find someone who is trying to make a difference and paving the way forwards for us, I take my hat off to them and share them with anyone who is interested, so that IF they resonate with you, you can use their website, visit them in shop and connect with like minded people like yourself!

Michelle Watts (Owner) and Trevor Howes (Her Partner) run The Green Lady Eco Store on London Road South, Lowestoft and are dedicated to bringing Natural products all together under one store! Anyone that tries to be Eco friendly is often frustrated by the fact you have to go here, there and everywhere (mostly online without even seeing/feeling the products with your own eyes) to find products! So, wouldn't it be nice to actually walk into one store in your local town, where all you need is there without the search? Well, that is what The Green Lady Eco Store is all about! They describe themselves as :

"Your local, independent supplier of hand picked, cruelty free, non toxic and vegan products including Bath and Body, Plastic Free Living, Health and Household/Laundry"

Michele and Trevor at their Beautiful Eco Store on London Rd South, Lowestoft:

Michele who owns the Business was kind enough to share her knowledge on how to build a brand and know your own brand as well. Michele shared with me that she started by doing stalls at Vegan Festivals or Green Festivals.

"I did lots of Others, but you soon learn which ones are right for you!" Michele said.

From there, Michele and Trevor took a little unit in Moulton Nurseries for about a year. It proved to be a little off the beaten Road to get to, but they attracted a regular custom despite this.

"We did a good job of marketing it, even if it was out in the sticks, because we had good custom!" Michele said proudly! "I've really found my Passion!"

After a while they decided that moving the business closer to their home, and to a place that was easier to reach would help them focus and build on their brand, as well as make it easier for their customers to reach them!

Since Michele and Trevor moved The Green Lady Eco Store to Lowestoft in March 2018, they have seen a definite rise in the amount of people walking through the door! I am not surprised, as from the Outside to the Inside it looks pristine and full of lovely natural items all presented so well. They have a Wide range of Eco products in one space, so you can see, smell, even touch before you buy and also talk to Michele and Trevor about the products for further information.

One of the best selling items for The Green Lady Eco Store is the Eco Egg. You use them instead of Washing Liquid/Powder in your Machine and they clean your clothes for years! Each purchase contains multiple packs of Beads that are about the size of Peas and they are Mineral - there is nothing toxic in there, no Bleach or Detergent and they go in the Egg alongside Tourmaline! This particularly interested me as Black Tourmaline is well know to remove Negative Spiritual Energy. So as well getting clean clothes, they will be removed of all negative energy as well :

Pictured below is the Ecover filling station! You can bring your own container, or reuse a previous Ecover bottle, as long as it it marked with how many litres it holds you can fill it with liquid for washing clothes at this refill station:

The Green Lady Eco Store stock Hair Shampoo bars, Natural Soap Bars and so much more....

Such a wide range of Natural products to choose from:

These shelves are dedicated to those that may want to pop into a Vegan/Eco friendly Cornershop as such! There is Milk, Peanut Butter, Marshmallows, Dog food, Crispy Snacks - everything you might find at the corner store, but this is all Vegan, Ethical and pain free :

The Chilled section is always stocked with the Best Vegan Pizzas, Ready Meals and easy to cook Vegan food, as well as refreshing Drinks and Vegan Cheese:

One of the best ideas this Lovely couple showed me was this Cold Water Point that is Free! The Green Lady Eco Store happily provide free Cold Water to anyone that needs it! You are free to fill up your water bottle when you come in and Michele said "Any Walkers or Cyclists that need a cold drink - they are welcomed in. That is what this Water is for." A generous idea and this should be much appreciated lately in these high 20-30 degree temps :

You can also get tasty Booja Booja Icecream here to keep you cool - Organic, Creamy Tasting and Dairy Free :

So, if you are in Lowestoft town, or are on your holidays visiting Suffolk, drop by The Green Lady Eco Store,162 London Road South, Lowestoft ! You will find all you need and more! If you are interested to find out more about Eco Products, you will be greeted with lovely smiles and enthusiasm from Michele and Trevor! An absolutely charming, passionate couple making a Great difference in Lowestoft!

You can see more from The Green Lady Eco Store on their Website HERE

You can follow them on Twitter HERE

You can find them on Facebook HERE

Namaha, Lisa X

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