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Total Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius / FULL Moon (July 27th, 2018)

So, here we go again - the 2nd Eclipse of 3 happening in a very short peroid of time! The first one being the Solar Eclipse in Cancer we had on Friday 13th June. This Eclipse will be super special from an astrological point of view being that it will be the most powerful Lunar Eclipse this century, at 123 minutes duration and Blood Red in colour!Not only will the Earth block out the Sun's direct rays, turning the Moon into a blood-red orb, it will be accompanied by the vivid sight of Mars, the Red Planet, shining incredibly bright as it comes closer to us than it will do for the next 270 years. The moon is already coloured by the Earth only letting read and yellow light through its atmosphere (bottom right), but Friday night will have the full effect of a brilliant red (earlier example bottom left) before gradually fading to its usual colour over the weekend.

Once again this will bring up many challenges for us all and is to be thought of as a Pivot Point for change. Sleep will be disturbed most likely over these few days (I know the energy was VERY lively last night and expect it to continue) and dreams will be showing you where to go or what to do, so pay attention to your Lucid dreaming. This is partly to do with the Massive Full Moon and partly to do with the Intense Total Lunar Eclipse.

Mars is once again very strong/so close to the Earth, and may well be causing lots of irritation and impulsive reactions - this combined with the 30 plus degree heat we are all experiencing there will be alot of Hot Heads around right now. So, be aware of this and try to be non reactive, be the observer and not the perpetrator of chaos or negativity.

And once again, keep expecting those Past people and Issues that you thought were dealt with to Pop right back up again for processing! Yes this can be a little alarming, especially as you thought it was dealt with right?? He or She is an Ex from the past, or a really bad habit you kicked years ago, or thought patterns you ditched years back, or something that you thought was long done with. Well, maybe you just put a Plaster/Band Aid over it at the time and didn't truely deal with the issue or person that is now back in your face - so take a deep breath and see why it wasn't dealt with or truely processed the first time around and crack on with tackling it/them once again!

Once again the lovely Pam Gregory explains the Astrological event with her beautiful relaxed yet informative style :

And once again Victor Oddo explains the Spiritual aspects we will be experiencing in his usual no BS, to the point approach :

So look up to the skies at 1.20pm Pacific time 9.20pm UK time, Grab your Tin Foil Hat once again if you aren't interested in processing spiritually, Or get to work on the issues that are being bought forward for us once again to process! This truely is a transformational time for you to tackle anything that no longer serves you for your higher good!

Keep cool with lots of cold water and ice packs - keep level headed and grab little kips during the day, if you can, to combat the poor nightime sleep quality. You thought the last Eclipse was intense? Hold onto your hats my Lovelies!!

Namaha, Lisa X

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