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My Huge Flowering Aloe Vera Mother Plant :)

I have been taking care of this Aloe Vera for 3 years since it arrived via the post, as a small wee plant! I swear by the Power of Crystals to make plants grow stronger and faster. I use Beach found White Quartz and also Green Moss Agate to enhance the growth of all my Plants and they respond so well with lush green growth and even flowers!

I have never seen this Aloe Vera Flower in the 3 years it took to grow this Huge, but it has finally done so this year! It over grew it's tub and the huge flower spikes tipped it over and almost out of its pot! The flowers spike at well over a meter tall. The smaller Aloe Vera plant is the baby plant from the Mother - she put this smaller plant out last year.

Both plants needed repotting. This is Aloe Mother Plant and baby before and in need of repotting....

After Repotting and re- uprighting her leaning position! I think she will be much happier in her new position, with new fresh soil and a bigger pot :

Try potting your Plants with Crystals on the surface and also in the soil - see how they Grow! :)

I am leaving Mother Aloe Vera outside until the temps cool down, but for now she is loving this very high 26-30c temps we are getting right now, so I am looking forward to seeing what new growth she gives me!


Lisa X

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