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Spirit Bird - Xavier Rudd, my Blue Angel Spirit Bird, Feathers and Synchronicities

Some beautiful synchronicities around at the moment! Jung believed that synchronicities mirror deep psychological processes, carry messages the way dreams do, take on meaning and provide guidance to the degree they correspond to emotional states and inner experiences.

They show us we are on the right path and are there to guide us. It is up to us to notice, see them and act accordingly instead of dismissing them as "coincidences" or laughing them down with bemusement.

For example this Beautiful song Spirit Bird - Xavier Rudd is surrounding me right now having never heard it before, all of a sudden it surrounds me calling to my attention:

At the same time lately I am taking many photos almost daily in the Woods and just lately something quite amazing has been happening! In a couple of the photos I am capturing a Blue/Green Hue outlined Bird in flight that looks like a Ghostly image or Angel ...a Spirit Bird! I haven't done anything to enhance or mess with these photos at all, do you see what I am talking about? What do you see?

I've cropped the photo so you can see it closer.....

A few days later in a different spot in the Woods my Spirit Bird returned....

Closer up....

Before you shout "Lense Flare" I have literally taken hundreds of photos with this camera at the sun and it always produces the same even amount of flare every time and these are the only shots of spirit birds EVER :D I have tons of shots like this one below and only 2 like the ones above :

And then there are the ever present Feather presents I always get, but that just lately really seem to be catching my attention daily! Yes I know Feathers are everywhere, but when they float down past your nose and present themselves to you, you might want to take it, give a little smile and say Thankyou!

Follow Nahko into the Woods: "Aloha Ke Akua" Live at Wanderlust (Acoustic) :

I haven't figured out what this message specifically means just yet, so when I figure it out I'll do a little update, the point of this post is just to say :

Keep your Eyes peeled for Synchronicities and Signs from Spirit/Universe/Mother Earth however you wish to term it! Wonderous little Pointers in Life to say you are doing Ok - Keep going!!

Namaha, Lisa x

Update 7/8/18 :

So today, the day after writing this blog ^ I watched this video from Ki Wisdom Tarot and Bingo!! This Lady nailed it and I now believe these Feather messages to be healing for my Past....I was sexually abused in my Childhood which obviously impacted deeply on my self worth as a Child and into Adulthood. I have been healing this for the last 3/4 years on my spiritual journey, but aspects keep being bought forward for healing (and YES Reiki Masters are still works in progress emotionally just as we ALL are till Departure from Mother Earth!) To find Love and to practice self love is on ongoing healing issue for me, that I tackle all the time. To Love others comes so very easily for me and I show daily Love to all. How many Empaths can relate to that huh? Or even how many Pisces can relate that ? Something to keep working on!!!!

I hope by sharing my story honestly with you, it may resonate with someone else in a positive way. Thankyou for the Feathers and healing Ki Wisdom Tarot :

18/08/2018 update :)

Feeling such a Deep Connection to Mother Earth and Great Spirit. Amazing skills and Connection to Spirit - Co - Creator - Inspirational - At One ....

Xavier Rudd - Lioness Eye :

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