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The Solar Eclipse and Super New Moon (August 11th, 2018)

So finally we have the Third of Three celestial events that started with the Solar Eclipse in July then the Total Lunar Eclipse in July and now completing in the Solar Eclipse today on August 11th 2018!

It's been a bumpy ride for some as we faced what didn't serve our higher good anymore and purged emotions, people, circumstances,old habits, etc and started to look at what we need for the future to be truly happy within ourselves! It has been Energy sapping for alot of us and quite all consuming as well as unavoidable or inescapable!

For those of you that have put the hard work in processing all the crap we needed to release, then well done you - the rewards will be forthcoming soon and you will be manifesting and acting upon your hearts desires soon, or putting into place the goals, next steps or at least seeing the way forwards finally! You are getting an UPGRADE! Synchronicties will be happening left, right and center to help you out and make life easier! You will be resonating at a newer Higher Frequency! Like this picture below you have jumped from one side of the mountain that didn't serve you anymore and leaping to the next stage, the side of the mountain that awaits unexplored and fresh with potential for happiness! The old has been broken down and the new awaits:

For those of you that somehow managed to bury your head in the Sand or kept your Tin Foil Hats on resisting the changes that were presented to us, then get ready to keep facing the same issues that need dealing with, but getting stronger and stronger gaining in intensity until you finally deal with them!

Here is Pam Gregory with her Beautiful Astrological explanation of the Solar Eclipse:

Here is the Low down from Victor Oddo about what to expect in the Spiritual aspect of the Eclipse:

Spirit is close at the moment, so pay attention to the signs from your loved ones in spirit! You may hear their favourite song, feel them close to you, think of them often, dream of them, get feathers in usual places, find old things of theirs, feel spider cobwebs brushing on your face or body, see white or yellow dashes of light just in your peripheral vision or just have a knowing they are around you :) Take comfort and say "Thankyou for the sign and please send me more" or something similar, but please do acknowledge them and give thanks to your loved ones in spirit!

So, as I see it this Eclipse is the Light at the End of the Tunnel after all the hard work, turmoil and Energetic craziness we have been through over Summer :) It is the reward for all the processing and we will be Upgraded as we move forwards now having dropped all that didn't serve us well !! Bring it on and give thanks to yourself for doing the work and receive your Upgrade with appreciation and Love !!

Ask Angels has some lovely words and explains how we can embrace the changes and use the New Moon Eclipse Energy to move forwards to new beginnings:

Enjoy the new exciting energies that are incoming my Lovelies!

Namaha, Lisa x

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