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Ajeet Kaur Full Album Haseya

Exquisite, Heavenly Vocals and Music - sit back, Breathe and soak in the Beauty:

1) Haseya (Raise up my sisters)

2) Chattr Chakkr

3) Akaal

4) Kiss the Earth

5) Ra Ma Da Sa Healing

6) Re Man Lullaby


"From the first note, Ajeet Kaur’s voice feels like the warmth of the earth rising through your body, creating a sense of inexplicable peace that helps you suddenly relax in a knowing that you are connected to every living being through this sacred sound. Growing up in a musical and spiritual home, Ajeet now shares her love of devotional practice as a Spirit Voyage recording artist, yogi, and teacher. Her discovery of music as a form of healing and connection began at a young age, leading her to study traditional Indian and Irish music and to fill her spiritual practice with the sound current. Ajeet now tours the world with her own band. Her recordings, concerts, and workshops are an offering of her own devotion and her desire to share healing with everyone. Her first album, Sacred Waters was released in June 2013. Her second album, At The Temple Door, featuring Snatam Kaur, Todd Boston and Sukhmani Kaur Rayat was released in June 2014. Her third album, Darshan, was released in November 2015 and is an invitation to celebrate the essence of life. Recorded in Indonesia, it is an album imbued with sacred ceremony. Ajeet’s music has been featured on Billboard New Age Top 10 and has reached many hearts, bringing with it a sense of healing and peace."

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Watch this beautiful Live performance and I challenge you to not get full body chills!! Just stunning....

The Angels are Listening: Snatam Kaur sings Suṉi-ai with Ajeet Kaur at Sat Nam Fest. In this beautiful live version of Suṉi-ai , Snatam Kaur opens her voice and our hearts. Features an extended section singing "The angels are listening, God is listening, I am listening." She then sings the 8th pauri of Japji with the chorus: Nānak bhagatā sadā vigās suṉi-ai dūkh pāp kā nās. Followed by a beautiful poetic translation in English: "All my pain departs in listening to my heart." Suṉi-ai is from Guru Nanak's Japji Sahib. Suṉi-ai means "To Listen."

Namaha, Lisa x

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