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Open Your Heart during this March 2019 Retrograde Energy! Buddhist Chants to Open, Activate and Embr

As I write this Blog, we are almost half way through Pisces in Mercury going Retrograde and the waters are choppy and turbulent from the Push/Pull of Pisces New Moon and Retrograde fighting each other. I have to be open and say this last few weeks the Energy has been so completely confusing for everyone I have given therapy to and talked to is so full of sadness, misdirection as to which direction to go and even anxiety as people Face their inner selves and journey! It is why I am posting this Blog, so if you have been feeling this way read on....

Most people I speak to are at a Major Cross Road in the Life, confronted by their higher selves and of course shadow selves, and the various pathways each present, confused as to which way to go. The emotional level of people is so heightened right now and under scrutiny almost. Under Scrutiny from our higher selves to really step up or dive out! We are all in the same Boat - a Pivot Point! Pushed to Step Up and be the very Best Version of Ourselves!

There is an Old Expression that is crude, yet would be spoken by a Wise Old Lady, and it sums up where we are energy wise right now. The expression is " Piss or get off the Pot". It means takes action now, or make it clear to yourself or others that you are not ready to move forwards. Time to Make a Choice and make it Clear.

We are literally being squeezed to be the Very Best we can be. We are being tested, being sent amazing opportunities if we have the courage to move forwards beyond the comfortable normal, we are being given opportunities to arise to and you want to be the best version of you that you can be and take those chances, even if they seem risky! You ARE Ready :)

So my advice to you is Do what you wish to deep inside your Soul - there is no better time energy wise. What we are being presented with right now is Beautiful, Risky Chances that would take you into Full Bloom...take the Seeds that you worked hard to create into Full Bloom! Take the Steps forwards to Embrace the New You/Job/Person in your Life!

To ease the Push/Pull of this tricky time I really recommend you Connect to and Focus on your Heart Chakra. Do not fight this energy, but go with the flow. Opening up to the Energy that is around right now can ease the Push/Pull of Mind vs Heart. The Heart is where we actually make the BEST decisions in my opinion, and not the Head, so please take a few minutes to Open up your Heart Chakras daily and give time and thanks for all that you have in your Life. Give Gratitude always for your blessings and do not be complacent! We are being asked to Give thanks for our Blessings right now and also to acknowledge connection to Spirit/Land/Source :)

Open your Heart - Take a few moments to sit cross legged or even lay down and just listen. Pay particular attention to your Heart beat and Chakra area in general, front and back......bring Light to them, and slow your Breathing down with each and every breath you take.

Take at least 3- 4 DEEP and FULL breaths as slowly as you can - inhale and Exhale Deeply and imagine all the negative thoughts releasing on the Out breath, and Embracing all the Light and Love on the In Breath. Visualise the Out Breath as a Darker Colour. Now see in your minds eye, your In Breathe as a Golden, Silver/Golden/Violet Radiant Healing Vibration entering your whole Aura, Body and Soul.

PRAJNA PARAMITA HRDAYA SUTRAM SANSKRIT ★ Imee Ooi ★ Prajna Paramita Heart Sutra Mantra :

Nepal Country - Buddhist Monks Chanting Heart Sutra :

Open your Heart! :) Embrace the Heart Based opportunities presented to you.....

Namaha, Lisa x

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