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March 20-21st 2019 - Spring Equinox and Super Full moon in Libra! Happy New Year ;)

Happy New Year :D Yes I know it isn't the "Man Made" New Year in January, BUT It IS the start of the Brand New Astrological Year and geeee has the run up to it been tough for us! New starts and New Years can be associated with Rebirth, and this time period of the last few weeks running up to this "Rebirth" has been the long, awkward delivery that was Pisces Mercury Retrograde 2019!

If you visualise Birth it is far from a comfortable experience for Mother and Baby! The Baby is squeezed from all sides, with no room to move and no choice about being born. It is kept in the Dark and Safe confines of the Womb, yet also being pushed forwards into the Light by another external force. Of course we have medical intervention is this modern world, but in Nature there is no one that can help the Baby be born! Essentially it is down to the Baby and the Mother to do this is in symbiosis.

You are the "Baby" being born right now and the "Mother" is the Universe guiding you forwards into the Light, even if you found the Womb more id Time to Move Forwards:

At this point though at the end of March, some people right now would even Wear a T Shirt that states "I survived Pisces Mercury Retrograde 2019", and I know this sounds dramatic, but the energy has been so tough on the Collective! Recent high profile events in the last few weeks are reflecting what is also happening right now sadly, and there have been so many suicides and mass killings across the Globe! That has been how Dark this last few weeks has presented itself for many in the collective, many people "snapped" and my heart goes out to anyone who has been touched by the recent heavy energy....

There is a reason for all of this recent darker energy for all of us though, and I can already feel a much Lighter Energy rushing in with this Spring Equinox, as I am sure can many of You! Spring is always a Welcome Energy and is Full of Life, just when we need it the most after a long, dark time in Winter. It brings such a bright, hopeful energy...

My fellow Pisces and a Beautiful Intuitive Soulful Reader is OJC Astrology summing up the Energy right now :

This is what the Lovely Pam Gregory has to say about the Astrological Events we are now moving into!

This is what Mister Oddo has to say about the recent Energy Shifts :

Transformation is happening! :)

Happy Spring Equinox!! :) Namaha, Lisa x

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