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Tantra - The Key to the Sacred Balance between Female/Male Energy?

In this 2019 World where Porn has become almost normailised sadly, I feel even more compelled to share the more "Human Real Love Connection" that Tantra delivers to your Soul and Body between People!

Porn offers unreal, radical sexual opportunities that mostly degrade women, but I do not want to Focus on that industry, but more on Real Human Contact that connects Souls and is more Genuine!! That is the really deep connection that can be made from Tantra and Tantra Energy practices!

Rather than a Power Struggle between the Masculine and the Feminine..... Surely as Human Beings It is Highly more Sensual to just Breathe into each other, connect with each other on Deeper Levels, and be Equal on ALL Levels so we can Respect and Honour each other!?

I would rather watch a video like this one below any day over a Porn Video. This is about Equal Respect, Honour & Tantra, this is about Flow and Love Equally between the Masculine & the Feminine :


Honour Your Feminine and Masculine Sides Equally with Respect :) Look Deeper into Tantric Ideas if you are interested, and Always Remember that Porn needs a Massive Pinch of Salt! Such Bullshit compared to Real "One to One" Connection that Tantra can Give You if you are willing to Open up .....

Namaha, Lisa x

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