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Burn, Bin, Purge, Give to Charity - Time to Release Dead Wood to manifest your Future!

So ever since the 18th May Scorpio Full Moon we are being urged to RELEASE all that no longer serves us and this forthcoming week coming into June this energy is HEIGHTENED massively by the New Moon on the 3rd June! Now of course, if you have been on the Spiritual Journey for a while, you will know by now that releasing is the Main staple of your journey - and that some of us have more to release than others. There is no threshold of how much and often it needs to be done and don't think "I let of some stuff go last week, so I needn't bother this week!" as that is't how it works :D

When you remember that EVERYTHING in your life is an energy, frequency or vibration you begin to understand why releasing all the Dead Wood in your life is so important! Releasing "that which no longer serves you" simply means letting go of old patterns, choices, habits, beliefs, jobs people or places etc that now hold you back from your progression forwards.

So what is Dead Wood?

* Dead wood is an attitude that you need to release. For example, Judgement of others.

* Dead wood can be present lovers or ex lovers in your life that you need to release. For example an old ex that comes around thinking they can be shady with their intentions because you accepted it at one time, or Even worse your existing partner thinks he can Test You - are you still OK with this!?

* Dead wood can be friends you need to release. For example the friend who only calls you when they want something or need a shoulder to cry on, but will never return their time for you in the same way.

* Dead wood can be clutter you collect because you can not possibly let go of the 10 year old Coat you only wore once because who knows when you might need it right?

* Dead wood can be the job you absolutely hate but have been holding on to for fear of not being good enough to follow your dream job.

* Dead wood can be an old home you live in because moving would require packing up all the unnecessary things you have hoarded and filled it with that now tie you the spot.

* Dead wood can be a place you live. For example the town you grew up in that is filled with bad memories from the past yet you remain there instead of packing your bags for fresh territory.

Dead Wood is Essentially all the things you Used to Love, before you Gained your New Strength!

The beautiful Julie Poole explains the upcoming energy so well in her energy update here :

Remember that releasing isn't easy and causes us resistance, BUT once you have released you create SPACE! Space for GROWTH and EXPANSION, like a freshly weeded flowerbed! So get your Trowel out and start pulling up those weeds and throwing out the dead wood! I PROMISE you that once you have experienced this Release Cycles a few times it just gets easier and easier as you know from experience that the universal rewards roll in just as quickly as you LET GO!

Namaha, Lisa x



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