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Dark Energy & Thin Veil for Next 9 weeks! Stay in your Light my Loves! Advice to Handle this...

In my journey as a Reiki Master, Empath and ultimately Lightworker it has been my "job" to gives others a heads up on any "Funky Energy" that is lingering in the now, ground other peoples negative energy that I encounter during the day and dream time daily, and ultimately transmute the dark to light by grounding it into Gaia in a continuous cycle as best as I can! I am a very positive person and I usually give quite Light Hearted blogs and Vlogs when this more negative energy arises and I joke about Grabbing your Tin Foil Hat to avoid such energies....Well THIS time is different my Lovelies!

This Energy has WEIGHT behind it and should be addressed with a little more Respect as such as this isn't just "Funky Energy" we are encountering right now, this is Dark Forces at work Globally! Now I don't say that lightly or over hype negative energy, and I don't normally give such credence to the forces of the Dark, but Respect where Respect is due - this Energy is different to any other I have encountered on my past 5 year journey so I am calling CALLING IT OUT!

This Dark Energy is causing some of the Most Enlightened, Beautiful Souls I follow on YouTube to quit their services to the Light for the Time Being with no return dates.... and this is a cause for concern for me, as I have also felt that call to do the same, which only serves to prove to me something deeper is happening as a collective that we MUST FIGHT! If every Lightworker caves in to this Energy, then we have a Problem.......

So, lets examine why this is the Perfect Dark Storm if you like.....

*The Energy came to my attention on the Autumn Equinox. It crept in under the radar as such (as it has with so many Lightworkers/Reiki Healers/Tarot Readers across the board at this time) and seemed to be our own energy - something that was part of our journey to heal if you like. But, this energy is different from past dark energy...where myself and other Lightworkers detect it as an outside Energy immediately, or at least within a few days or a week. This Energy has worked more like a Computer Virus and crept into Lightworkers Energy Systems making them ALL (myself included) think it was their OWN energy (very clever and new) it has taken up till the present day (3-4 weeks) for us all to start to share how we are feeling online and start to connect the dots that this IS NOT our own Energy, but that something alot more Sinister is happening collectively!

*BST Ended. This time of year is always hard for Lightworkers as the Light fades and the Dark Days and Gloom take over! This has been impacted double fold in the UK with the most rainfall Ever recorded in a month and hardly any sunshine! We literally have had No Light to Harvest! This Darkness is also Etched across the Globe in Smoke Fires right now as Mother Gaia is quite frankly burning and emitting thick smoke across VAST areas of the Globe. California, The Amazon and so many more places...

*It is Halloween and the VEIL IS THIN BETWEEN THE 3D AND 5D! Not only are our TV'S, Supermarkets, Parties and Adverts are ALL about the "Fun Filled Scary Season" of Halloween, on a more serious Energetic Note Halloween is bad news for Light Workers! It is ALWAYS a preferred time where people who practice Dark Magic and the Occult come alive and also Practice Together to Strengthen their Energies! Think Satanists, Free Masons, Governments even or People in Power exercising the Forces of Darkness to Manifest what is Best for THEM! These are the kind of people who use this time of year to harvest for themselves in the darkest of ways, with NO regards for anyone else Energetically.

*Mercury is going Retrograde for the LONGEST TIME! This one is a TOUGH one! Mercury has decided to Retrograde ON HALLOWEEN! Why this is happening, well only the Cosmos knows! :) But,let's face it the timing isn't great! Mercury going Retrograde is always a Pain in the Arse shall we say, and it usually comes and goes in a time frame of maybe 3-5 weeks either side normally. But this time Mercury is Retrograde for 9 WEEKS ...with shadow periods before and after!Not only that, but Mercury is in Scorpio.....Yep! Take a DEEP BREATH!

*Mercury in Scorpio! Scorpio is a Forward moving almost Fire Phoenix Energy (despite Scorpio being a Water sign) that wants to Emerge quite forcefully and honestly from the Flames, but Mercury Retrogrades and these Energies Conflict and Push and Pull and Squeeze Us in BOTH Directions of wanting to move forwards, yet held in Stasis by Mecury Retrograde! Frustrating HuH? Yep!

*2020 is coming! All this Dark Energy is quite Interesting, because all of my Senses and Intuition tells me we have to be the PUREST Version of Ourselves BEFORE 2020 hits! I have been sensing this for months and I really feel that 2020 is going to see REBIRTH in a BIG WAY and a more dedicated Awakening for all of the Collective :) Something BIG IS GOING TO HAPPEN FOR THOSE WHO LOVE THE LIGHT IN 2020, and that is why the Dark is having a Super Strong Attempt to try to Stop This Happening! IF YOU SENSE RESISTANCE PUSH THROUGH IT!

With that said, if you are feeling these ways then just be aware that these are the Energies at work right now on a Collective Level, and try your best to keep healthy and in YOUR LIGHT! IF you are in the Grip of these Energies right now you may be experiencing....

*You might have a Cold right now OR BE feeling general Body Pains in Random Areas! I had a Cold myself that I am STILL trying to shake which isn't Normal for me as I normally shake them right off within days - AND this has been a common theme in the Collective, so if that is You right now, just know you in the same boat as many others! So many of my favourite Lightworkers on Youtube have reported exactly the same symptoms and have delivered late videos with apologies because they have been sick with colds or feeling unusual body pains! It is as if the Dark has given all Lightworkers or those on the Path a dose of this Virus to slow everyone down and cause disruption.

*Irritability! Are you feeling Irritable right Now? Are people Triggering You? Or Are YOU Triggering THEM? Please try to ignore people who are testing you right now...You might be Driving or just Shopping and people WILL test you right now. Please DO NOT get IRRITATED! It's what they want so badly, so please just Ride it Out and be At Peace In Yourself Regardless of their Energy. Laugh it off Peacefully if you can even, as this is the absolute BEST antidote to people who try to provoke a reaction right?

*Weird Dreams and General Disturbed Sleep! You are probably not sleeping well right now, and if you do sleep you are having very Vivid/Lucid and Crazy Dreams that do not make sense to you or feel disruptive even to your Peace and Well Being! Normally Dream Time is Peaceful to You, but Right Now you just can't find that Peace when you Sleep.

*General Slump in Energy! You are Tired and Lacking in Energy to Push forward with Huge Ideas. This seems to be a Time, Once AGAIN to go go Hermit Mode and look HARDER at what we need to Change while retreating to Gather Our Energy. We are almost being drained from an Eternal Force, so we are held back from moving forwards.

* You see or hear Things you wouldn't Normally See as the VEIL IS THIN!!! You may be seeing things like dark shadows, light orbs or just weird anomalies out of the corner of your eye or even directly infront of you! You may even be hearing Spirit now such as your voice being called, or even tones and frequencies in your ears that make you jump, and if you are not used to that and this is something new to you, then this can be a freaky time!

With all this Said, please now watch these videos that confirm what is going right now! This first video from Paul shares his message and it soooo resonates from 2.00 mins on and at 12.10mins he gives such Sound Advice :

As definate proof that Dark Forces are at play right now, My Absolute Favourite Youtuber Manna has literally had enough of the Sustained Dark Forces that have been on her heels the last few months/weeks and has "Tapped Out" of her Readings for her own Healing Time, giving no definite Return date.....

I absolutely respect her decision to put her own Soul and Intuition before her Career as a Lightworker helping others, but this IS a massive reflection of the Strong Negative Energy happening in the Present, and I hope it doesn't spread further to more Beautiful Souls that Dare to Share Their Light! The Brighter YOUR LIGHT THE HARDER the Dark comes for you and this is the Deal. Not easy for anyone....

My absolute Love and Respect goes out to Manna (Adalina Bonn)! This Beautiful Soul has delivered so many On Point, Humorous with No BS readings for FREE on Youtube for so many people, and I am so sorry to see her Go Offline, but I totally Respect her Choice to Rest, Rejuvenate and most Likely come back STRONGER than ever in 2020 :) Get Strong Beautiful Soul and I wish you all the White Light and Love as do Thousands of others across the Globe!

With all this said, I truely have made this Blog to Help You and also to give you a Heads Up as always about the Energies that are Play right NOW! I never like to deliver Negative News, BUT I am ALWAYS HONEST and this is what is being delivered for us Energetically right now for US! STAY IN YOUR LIGHT!

Much Love, Namaha! Lisa x



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