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November Dark Energy! How best to deal with it!

My last blog covered how this Dark Energy that started on the Autumn Equinox has been effecting people across the Globe as a Collective for the last 3-4 weeks, and is set to continue for the next 9 weeks or so! You can read the previous Blog here to see how it may be affecting you if you haven't read it! I am always a Positive Being, and in this Blog I want to now focus on the Tried and Tested methods I have been Flexing over the last 3-4 weeks to try to get my Balance back and sense of Peace & Light! It hasn't been easy and it's fair to say all my usual daily practices were no match for the Dark Energy, so I had to refine things!

Light Beings, Here are the methods that are working best for me right now to combat these Dark Forces and I hope they may be of Assistance to You! If, by sharing these methods with you, the Dark makes them stop working for me once again, then I will simply change Tack ;) With all that said let's get into the best Tips I have to share with you my Lovelies to Combat this Dark Energy in November 2019.....

1) Call this Energy OUT!! Since I called it out, in VLOGS/BLOGS the energy has taken a massive step "ohhhh she sees me, I'm out of here!" :) I encourage you to make a Blog/Vlog/Journal Entry and even say it out loud, something like " I see you Dark Energy, I see you are trying to mess with me, and I embrace my Shadow side! The Stronger my Light Grows, the Harder you will try to stop me, But I am at PEACE with the Process :)"

2) High Vibration Crystals on your Person AT ALL TIMES along with protection from Elite Noble Shungite or Silver Shungite! Now normally, I would only recommend wearing high vibration crystals for shorter periods of time and I advocate Grounding crystals to be worn for the majority! BUT, right now I am wearing High Vibration Crystals ALL the time and they are NOT ungrounding me AT ALL. They are simply keeping me afloat. In normal times if I wore High Vibration Crystals for more than a few hours they start to make me TOO high Vibration and can even unground me as many others report also, but right now they are keeping me level. This is a first for me, and that shows me that WE as a Collective need to bring in massive amounts of WHITE energy RIGHT NOW into our Chakras and Aura to fight this Dark Energy.

This need not be expensive, just visit your local Crystal Shop, or even Ebay and you get the crystals for very little money £1-4)! Then buy or make a little crystal pouch, many Crystal shops will have them if you ask and simply slip the crystals in! Adjust the cord string so it sits over your Heart Chakra :) For probably as little £8-18 (depending on the Shungite you buy) you will have an amazing defense against this Dark Energy!

So, right now the best crystals to wear right now I can advise, worn in conjunction with Elite/Silver Shungite for protection are:

*Herkimer Diamond :

*Clear Quartz :

*Rutilated Quartz :

*Selenite :

KEEP YOUR CRYSTALS SUPER CLEANSED AT THIS TIME!! Put them out on a window shelf after a days use and rotate/swop out with cleansed crystals while your worn ones are sunbathing for a day!

3) Consciously Choose to avoid Busy Places and Situations for the sake of Peace! Every single Police Force across the World will tell you crazy things and number of incidences rise dramatically at Full/New Moon.....Well this Energy is kind of like both of those energies combined for the next weeks on each and every day :) So, I guess for our Peace of Mind we should take this Darker Energy into consideration and actively work around it. You might consider going to the Supermarket at a quieter time, rather than at the weekend for example. You might want to avoid Parties, and especially "Work Do's" at this time. It is NEVER RUDE TO DECLINE INVITATIONS, DO feel Empowered by taking time out from any Social Engagements/Obligations at this time!

4) Bring in Large Amounts OF White LIGHT! If, as a Collective we can Do Yoga, Tai Chi, Chi Gong, Meditate, Generally CONSCIOUSLY, Actively Bring in Light Right Now AS ONE, WE WILL SERIOUSLY COMBAT ALL THIS DARK ACTIVITY! Visualise White Energy Entering Into Your Crown Chakra dispersing down throughout your body and then DOWN INTO THE EARTH STAR CHAKRA (a foot below your feet).

5) Daily Himalayan Salt Bath with Essential Oils such as Frankincense/Lime/Rose!

So, there you have it my best 5 ways to combat this Targeted, Darker Energy RIGHT NOW :)

Namaste my Lovelies and I hope this Blog has been Helpful! Please try your Best to Stay in a High Vibration at this Tricky Time if you wish to Combat it as such! Much Love and Take care, Lisa <3

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