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Important Changes to Sunrise2Sunset Services for 2020! Please Read :)

2020 is here and with this exciting fresh NEW Decade It is time for me evolve, and there are quite a few changes to my services that will taking place to Sunrise2Sunset Holistic into 2020 and beyond! Changes come into effect as of 1st February 2020!

*Now for the Divine Feminine Only

My services are now available to Women (and Transitioning/Transgender Women) only (This exempts my already existing Male clients and couples massages). In 2020 I will now be focusing all of my attention on Empowering and Nurturing The Divine Feminine (within the Divine Masculine also), and I will be adding lots of new services and courses to assist Women in being their very best Holistic selves on this Beautiful Journey called Life!

*No more Free Treatments!

With the exception of Cancer patients and services to Animal Shelters which will still be available for free (see HERE for more details) All of my services are now Charged as below:

*New Services Coming in 2020!

Now with a New Focus on Female Empowerment going forward here are some of the NEW SERVICES from Sunrise2Sunset you can expect in 2020 :

- New Massage Services

- S.A.D Light Therapy

- Couples Therapy Massage

- Threading - Eyebrows/Face/Arms/Legs/Underarms

- Waxing - Eyebrows/Face/Arms/Legs/Underarms

- Bikini Waxing - General Tidy Up, Brazilian, Hollywood

- Energetic Space Cleanse - House/Workspace/Other

*New time slot System!

I understand that some clients have more to discuss sometimes, than at other times. I also have been learning this year that I need to be firmer with the time that I give to each client, as I can often over give my time. To balance this, I have arranged a new time slot system that allows a little time either side of your appointment so you can discuss what you need to. I will not be able to go over the time slot you have booked, but you can however book extra time slots (that will now be charged for) when you book the treatment if you feel you are going to need a little extra time to talk. I don't like doing this, but I have to be more time efficient to be more balanced.

I am so Grateful to all those who would choose to use my services! I am Blessed and I wish you all amazing Blessed 2020 filled with Peace and Love! Thankyou!

"Be the change you wish to see"

Namaha, Lisa X

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