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April Oracle Energy Readings for ALL Star signs! Horoscope/Tarot/Oracle Readings FREE for all!

Are you interested in Horoscopes, Tarot or Oracle predictions for your Birth Sign? If Yes, then you are in the right place !! :) Here are this months free Oracle readings for all star signs. They are general readings so will not resonate with everyone, but should you like to book a personal reading (a video reading that you can download and keep) then please do not hesitate to contact me or find out more information here:

Earth Signs (Taurus, Capricorn, ) - April 2020 :

Water Signs (Pisces,Scorpio, Cancer) - April 2020 :

Fire Signs ( Leo, Aries, Sagittarius) - April 2020 :

Air Signs ( Libra, Gemini, Sagittarius) - April 2020 :

If you enjoyed your Free reading please do show your appreciation and support my YOUTUBE Channel by hitting the Like button, by Subscribing and by commenting on the Video! I appreciate your support and this will help my Channel to grow, so I can put more Channeled content out for you :)

I know these are troubling times and I recorded these readings for April at the start of March (they take ALOT of time to record and then to process, so I work ahead of time as I try to maintain a new regular schedule on Youtube) and obviously the World Circumstances and Energies were alot calmer and more stable back then (just 3 weeks ago!). I will be adding bonus readings for all signs shortly for April that will be positive energy ONLY. I will only be addressing the immediate circumstances if they come up in the readings, but will try to retain some normality and keep on in my Energy of Positivity! There is so much talk about the darker times we are experiencing right now, and I will not be feeding into it or giving it more energy by talking about it.

Take care and Sending you all lots of Love and Positive Well Wishes!

Namaha, Lisa

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