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Found a Positivity Stone from Sunrise2Sunset? Stay POSITIVE! List of Helpful websites if needed!

We have never faced such challenging times in our life times and although times are difficult to navigate right now it is so important to stay POSITIVE and Happy!!

To help put a little smile on your face I have painted and distributed 11 stones with Positive messages on across Lowestoft! Please feel free to keep the stones should you wish, or to photo them and share them on your social media as a boost to others, or just to bust a smile when you see them :)

There is also a more serious side to these Positivity Stones and that is to share this list of helpful organisations that deal with many of the problems we are all facing more than ever at this time. Mental Health is being tested and stretched for ALL of us and some days feel better than others, but please know there is support for us out there!

If you are feeling down, experiencing abuse, finding your addictions hard to manage, having Mental Health problems or need to talk RIGHT NOW, please get in contact with myself or the relevant charities such as:

Beat (Supporting under 18s with Eating Disorders)

Rape Crisis (For women and girls who are victims of Rape)

SurvivorsUK (For Males who are victims of Rape)

Alcoholics Anonymous (Supporting those with Alcohol Issues)

OCD UK (For those with OCD)

Please share these links with anyone you feel may need them and I'm sending out Positive Vibes to anyone that needs them RIGHT NOW! Keep your chin up, and feel free to get in contact should you need support!

Namaha, Lisa x

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