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Change of Law, Censorship, Confusion & Dancing Doctors! STAY INQUISITIVE, STAY IN YOUR POWER, ST

It has been very hard to know exactly what to say in this Blog, but if I do not speak out with Integrity and ask these questions, then I will not be an Authentic person. If you know me, follow my blog or have had a treatment with me you will know I'm kinda "fluffy" and like to keep things on the Light side always (by choice not by ignorance). But, when something as Life Changing as what is happening to us Worldwide is going on, then it's time to get serious and ask some serious questions! It has also been extremely hard to share information, because videos are being removed quicker than I can blog in 2020! Freedom of Speech is being etched out day by day so I hope the links get to you before or if they are removed....

These are my Questions, please do your own research and not just look at my links to find the answers relevant to you....

1 - Do you know the Government recently changed the law on the 27th April 2020?

The most important Law Change of Your Lifetime and that of your Children and Grandchildren has been passed quietly without being made public in any mainstream media outlets. This Law seriously affects your well being, your civil rights, your freedom, your liberties and could well destroy many peoples lives. I have a direct link to this Legislation so please email me if you would like it as I would rather not link it here, or once again you can do your own research and find it for yourself.

The video below outlines all the main points that this Legislation covers - this is not a conspiracy video, this is factual and he highlights all the main new points of the new Legislation, that you can see for yourself on the Governments own website :

2 - Why are our Doctors and Nurses being Censored and Banned when trying to speak out about numbers or how to treat patients?

From the start of this Pandemic, Doctors and Nurses across the Globe have been trying to share information with the public about how the numbers do not add up, as to how they are being asked to change the cause of death for patients, as to how they been given misinformation on how to best treat patients, and so on. These people, who are everyday Doctors and Nurses have had their videos removed, channels/social media banned, and are being stripped of a voice. Ask yourself Why are Nurses and Doctors being censored or banned for sharing their experiences and knowledge in the field ?

3- Why are Media Outlets that are not mainstream having freedom of Speach removed or restricted from them?

It has been extremely hard to hear any information outside of the Mainstream narrative unless you search for it. I am someone who likes to hear ALL sides of the story and make my own mind up about a situation, so why are any opinions that differ from the Mainstream Narrative being removed from the internet or made hard to hear? I cherish ALL perspectives and some smaller channels are actually getting their Voices heard still, but say the wrong word and you will be Pulled off the Internet A.S.A.P in 2020. It is important to hear other views don't you think?...

4 - Why are Doctors and Nurses around the World dancing around in empty hospitals, instead of dealing with sick patients?

I understand dark humour and the need for steam to be let off during tense times, but why are Nurses and Doctors dancing around (with huge smiles and happy /relaxed energy) in empty hospitals right now when we are supposed to be in the biggest crises of our lives? The waste of time learning these routines, perfecting them for the camera tricks they use, getting the timing right requiring several takes, uploading them to their social media...surely this time could be used to treat all the patients being turned away that desperately need operations and ongoing treatments such as cancer patients, or to treat the Masses that supposedly have been taken down by this Virus? You have to ask yourself why is this happening?

5 - Why are we deliberately being served Confusion for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Daily?

Confusion is a Powerful tool for a Covert Manipulator and Confusion is designed to control the mind. This technique is often used by Sociopaths and Narcissists to gain Power over another. Often people do not know what the hell to do and therefor end up frozen in action, as such, because they do not know where they stand.....It causes cognitive dissonance. Confusion also causes arguments between individuals as each person tries to interpret the "rules". It is interesting that our Governments Worldwide have chosen this strategy and you have to ask yourself why? Even Daytime tv in the Uk is getting the idea and finally speaking about this endless Confusion.

So many Questions to ask ourselves right now and to seek the Truth with an Open Heart, Mind and Soul is what we are being asked to do right now! The truth will set us free... STAY INQUISITIVE, STAY IN YOUR POWER, STAY POSITIVE!

Namaha, Lisa x

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