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Why are people calling for Leaders now? Surely, it is Time to be your OWN Leader in 2020!?

Who could have predicted 2020? We are all having our eyes opened to so many Truths at this time, in our own ways, at our own pace, and for our own good....

That said, If you lock people down and tell them they can NOT work without Consent from the Powers that Be, Restrict close Family Contact, Ban all Friendly Gatherings, and all the restrictions we have in Place in every establishment we have visited since this Lockdown, then you Force the Collective into a Mass Introspective "Dark Knight of the Soul". We are then are forced to Face our "Real Deeper Selves" and have to ask Questions of Ourselves, Our Surroundings, Our Governments and Our existing Opinions.

During this Locked Down time I personally have had so many Questions to ask.... of our Governments choices, about Myself and my Actions and Choices, about the Actions of my Loved ones and of Strangers, and about Life as a Bigger Picture (as all of us have been facing)!

I have an inquisitive mind, combined with a thirst for knowledge and One big Question that keeps being bought to my attention (and that my Soul wants me ask myself and you) is "Why do I, You, WE keep externalising our power to others?"

We do it all the time, subconsciously mostly, sometimes with outside manipulation, but we comply and externalise our Power so many times on a Daily basis....I have many Questions, and right now my Questions to myself, to all people, and to YOU would be....

* Do we give our power over to our partners, family members or workforce unequally?

* Do we believe our Government has our best interests at heart,and do you trust them implicitly with your life? Do we enable people with more power to serve us with a "Do as we say, not as we do" attitude? Alledgidly, Cummings sister Alice in Durham the "childcare specialist" is the Director of IDOX the company running running the new CV19 Track & Trace app. GlaxoSmithKline the research of Covid 19 vaccine is based in Barnard Castle, so will this story unfold?

* Do we give all our Time, Ideas or Creativity to an External Business that benefits from us, yet keeps us small by capping us with a small or reasonable salary and a bit of "holiday" pay ?

* Do we send our children to an education system that we do not really believe has our childrens best interest at heart?

* Do we give away all our daily status and personal data willingly to AI technology aka Social Media? To sites such as Google, Facebook, Skype, Zoom and the top Social Media sites and small home grown websites?

* Do our children use AI technology (Social Media) daily to connect with their friends and now teachers?

* Why are the UK Government using tax payers money to fund positive pro Government propaganda ?

* Could our time be spent better by moving away from Technology, being more Present in the Day and spent more productively doing things we actually Love to do?

* Would our lives be better if we Untangled ourselves from Social Media and stopped Feeding all our information into the top 1% that are quire frankly using this information for Higher Agendas?

* Do your children suffer or are they Bullied as a Consequence of Social Media?

* Do we see act "Better or Worse" or for "Good and Evil"? Do you choose Cash Offers Over Soul Path Choices?

* Are we willing for our Freedom of Speech to be taken away on Online ?

* Why did we all click "I agree" when Social Media were asked why they had been secretly using our personal conversations and our uploaded posts/photos and personal info? It was on all Mainstream news that our Private info was being used by Social Media, yet we responded by clicking "I agree" when they were forced to inform us. Why would we as Humans, choose to agree to those conditions, rather than delete our Social Media accounts?

Clickwrap is a method of getting legally binding agreement to your legal documents. It means that the user has actually clicked "I Agree" to the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy or shown that they explicitly agree in some way.

I have so many Questions, and with all the Free time we have right now, maybe you do also? If you do then PLEASE DO YOUR OWN research if you feel inclined to find your OWN TRUTHS! By externalising our Power, we loose our own Internal Power, so find the Information and Energy you resonate with...........

Be Your OWN Leader and Stay Inquisitive!

Namaha, Lisa.

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