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June & Shadow July Energy 2020 - 6 Planets Retrograding, 1 Lunar Eclipse, 1 Solar Eclipse and UK

I know times have been very tough recently with all the Restrictions/Chaos/Rules/Lies/Smoke Screens we have been experiencing as a Collective, and I hate to be the bearer of Bad News, BUT I have a Duty to share the upcoming Mind Feckery and Tough Love that the Planets have Planned for us in June through to early July!

6 Planets will turn Retrograde and have started to take effect already before I post this Blog. We also already had the Lunar Eclipse at the start of the month by the time I post this Blog which really asked us to ask questions of ourselves. This Eclipse Energy will be Mirrored so Hard back at US at the end of the month with the Summer Solstice and the Solar Eclipse, so Strap Yourselves In!

What can we expect when the Planets Challenge us in June/July:

* Communication: Communicative Mercury is lost in emotions during its Retrograde, bringing deep feels to the surface from June 17th to July 12th. Can you say what you really feel? You are being challenged to!

* Life: Mercury’s backstroke in Cancer will bring a lot of repressed emotions to the surface from the Past. You Will finally release any Life Issues that have been buried or repressed for years, and this Releasing/Healing is what YOU need to move Forwards in 2020.

* Love: Venus asks us Who do you love? This Retrograde allows you to focus on how you feel about those who have a place in your heart and gives you the Strength to move forwards towards those you love.

* Work: You’ll be reassessing your sense of security during these weeks—both professional and financial. What works for you, What does your Heart wish to Create rather than be a Slave to work?

As the Planets have their say this month, The message below is what I feel Intuitively that June is asking of us Energetically:

June 2020 Collective Energies -

We, as a collective are experiencing so many daily changes on so many levels right now! Please take this Time to Love yourself and Heal any issues being bought to your attention at this time! Healing is never easy and right now in 2020 we are all being asked to look at our Shadow Selves, See what needs to be Worked on and then DO the Inner Work to Change for the Better!

However, June will be an astrological nightmare with 6 Planets retrograde including Venus and Mercury, a Lunar Eclipse, a Solar Eclipse and Summer Solstice!! In all my years studying the Stars this has to be the Absolute most Astrological events happening at once to shake us up, so HOLD TIGHT as June IS going to be an Interesting ride!


Change isn't meant to be easy, but you know this and YOU have been chosen to push through any Barriers or Blocks that may have stopped you before :) Please do make the most of this Energy even though circumstances outside of your control may be trying to hold you back!

2020 is YOUR Time to Heal, YOUR time to Shine, YOUR time to Create, YOUR Time to Unite!

June through July brings huge Change! Are you Ready to Embrace and make the most of this Energy? Those that do WILL be rewarded, so what are YOU waiting for?

Namaha, Lisa x

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