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Spiritual Ascension! Testimonies for Sunrise2Sunset!

I have been so blessed to have done Personal Readings and 121 Intuitive Guidance Courses with so many beautiful souls who have put the hard work in and got the results they wanted! It is truly humbling to me, and I will always be so proud of anyone that seeks to make positive changes in their lives! If you have been considering having a Personal Oracle reading with myself or want to sign up for the 121 Intuitive Guidance Courses then have a look at these testimonies from some of the amazing high vibrational souls I have had the pleasure of working with!

Jessica, USA:

"Working with Lisa has been a valuable experience for myself. I will always be grateful for the space she held for me, as my soul healed from some very sensitive events. I have purchased both her personal Oracle/Intuitive messages, completed three of her Courseworks and now joined her Newsletter. Her work never disappoints and she always strives to only create content that is relevant and high vibrational, a devoted soul ahead of her time! I live in the USA and have not had the pleasure of meeting Lisa in person but her correspondence is always heart-felt, personal and timely. She offers a judgment-free healing opportunity for her clients and uses her spiritual gifts to assist you on your healing and ascension journey. If you are searching for an experienced healer to help you heal and balance your mind/body/spirit, look no further, Lisa is your person!" Jessica, USA

Richelle, USA:

"My name is Richelle and I reside in USA, California. I found Lisa on YouTube and instantly felt a connection with her simply because I could feel that she is a pure soul, with the highest intentions of assisting others on their spiritual and healing paths. There is no judgement or ego with Lisa, her energy is pure divine love. I recently purchased a yearly oracle reading with her and it not only resonated with what I am currently going through, but it really helped me to see what I need to let go of in order to shift into a higher version of myself, which is what I’m constantly striving for. Her light-hearted energy and beautiful sense of humor makes it impossible not to love her. I recommend her readings to anyone that is looking for guidance on their spiritual path." Richelle, USA

Amy, USA:

Thankyou so much to Richelle, Jessica and Amy for some awesome testimonies but more importantly for having the strength and courage to do the shadow work required to not only heal yourselves but also to raise the vibration of the collective! Thankyou for being Light Warriors and shining your Lights so brightly!

"As we awaken as a collective even further in 2022 then there is NO BETTER TIME to do the shadow work required to raise your vibration and help with the ascension process that Humanity is experiencing right now! If you are freshly awakened because of the last 2 years, then my Heart goes out to you and I understand how shocking it all must feel! I am here for you!! Together we can get through this!"

To book me for a personal reading or find out more information please see here:

To book me for 121 Intuitive Guidance or to find out more information please see here:

Stay Blessed, Lisa <3


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