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Feeling INTENSE RIGHT NOW? New Moon in Pisces - 13th March energy explained!

I am getting alot of emails from people really feeling the intense energy of the last 6-8 weeks, and I thought I would blog about it so you have a little heads up that YES it has been very intense and NO it is nothing you are doing "wrong"! :) There are 3 main reasons why you may have been feeling intense emotions lately - the first being that it was Mercury Retrograde, and then secondly we are closing out the old year in Pisces, and starting the fresh New Zodiac Year in Aries. Thirdly we have a powerful New moon in Pisces on the 13th March. So basically the Universe has conjured up a "Casserole of Fuckery" to help us shake up and wake up to a NEW FRESH START and make us RELEASE all that no longer serves our highest good :D This said Casserole may not taste very pleasant right now, but I promise you it is packed full of Vitamins for your Highest Good!!

Energy you may have been feeling/experiencing lately include:

- Having Intense Dreams or disturbed sleep

- Having negative self talk

- Feeling as though you need to Purge

- Feeling as if you have to Clean, and remove certain objects in your life

- Feeling an intense urge to wrap up old projects so you can start new ones

- Wanting to move home/country

- Generally feeling irritable/sad/depressed/anxious/restless/scattered

So, let's break this down a little.....

Mercury Retrograde began January 30th and ended February 21st but also get a little pre and after shock meaning that in total for around 5 weeks we had all the shenanigans that comes with this event:

- Thinking of past events you thought you had healed and dealt with

- The draw to go backwards to the familiar

- Disrupted Communication/Miscommunication

- General dampened emotions

- Travel plans going wrong

- Falling out with friends

- Technology failing us/causing work problems

For some reason this Mercury Retrograde decided to be particularly prominent as IF we haven't got enough our plates worldwide at the moment right? :D Then rolling right off the back of Mercury Retrograde we flowed into the most Watery sign of them all - Yes Pisces!! Get those Waterproofs out!!

Pisces season began on February 18th and ends March 20th! Pisces represents completion, and it is a good time to focus on closure and clearing out to be well prepared for new beginnings next month. This completion energy is due to the fact that we are now actually closing out the OLD YEAR! Yes that is right the 31st December is just a date given to us as the "New Year," but in reality the real start of the New Year happens when Pisces season closes out and we come into Aries! Pisces is the last sign of the Zodiac and we embody ALL of the other signs that come before us. Being Water signs we are highly intuitive and in touch with our own emotions and those of others. During Pisces season you may be feeling your own emotions (and those of others) way more intensely than "normal" - welcome to Pisces energy (we live with this 24/7 lol) :D

The next new moon, on March 13, falls in Pisces (arriving at 10.21am UK time). It actually is my own Solar Return that day so I have been feeling this RATHER intensely :D

A Pisces new moon is thought to help you:

  • Love and be loved.

  • Heal past hurts and traumas.

  • Forgive someone.

  • Master healing techniques.

  • Allow artistic talent to blossom.

  • Close a dead-end relationship.

So hopefully by now you can see what the Universe has been doing, and although it feels uncomfortable, it is necessary for our growth! Be kind and compassionate to yourself and do not bury your emotions! Let that Water flow when in Pisces season.....cry if you need to cry, scream if you need to scream!! Please also know that the intensity of emotion should actually pass after the 13th March and you will start to feel much more excited about the future!! 2021 is the year of the number 5 - CHANGE!! So, hold onto your hats and start to embrace the energy of change ahead of time....that is the energy we have just been through. It is intense, so if you can feel into it now, then later on during the year when the real Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll Revolutionary energy of 5 comes into play will be READY ahead of time!

You got this my lovelies!! Keep those chins up and shoulders back!! Stay Blessed x



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