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NEW Payment Options for Personal Readings! Choose from 1 to 4 Questions!

It has been such a pleasure to do Personal Readings for people and something I really enjoy doing!! I have been asked a few times to add in some cheaper options for those on a budget caring for their children alone and for those from less privileged countries, and it is my absolute pleasure to add in these services so that ANYONE can now now afford a reading!


Personalised Videos (up to 2 days to receive) last between 15 (1 question reads) - 60 minutes (4 question reads) depending on how indepth the reading takes us and which service you have chosen. I don't cap it as such and it ends when the readings naturally wants to, but it normally is at least 30 minutes.

1 Question 48 hour Reading - £5.55

2 Question 48 hour Reading - £11.11

3 Question 48 hour Reading - £16.60

4 Question 48 Reading - £22.22

4 Question 24 hour Reading - £44.44

Yearly 48 hour Reading - £33.33


1. Once your payment is processed, you will receive an email with instructions for your reading.

2. It is your reading so you will let me know what you would like the reading to be about. Please limit your questions to your reading chosen.

3. Readings will be done within 48 hours of your payment being processed.

4. You will then receive by email the link to a video of your tarot reading. Videos will be set to private and uploaded to Youtube. Audio recordings are available where preferred.


Please use this link to pay for your readings through PayPal at

Please note: All readings and payments are non-refundable unless I can not complete your reading.


Energy Oracle Cards - Sandra Anne Taylor

Work your Light - Rebecca Campbell

The Psychic Tarot - John Holland

Keepers of the Light - Kyle Gray

Earth Magic - Steven D Farmer

Angel Prayers - Kyle Gray

Angels and Ancestors - Kyle Gray

Oracle of the Mermaids - Lucy Cavendish

Transference Healing Animal Magic - Alexis Cartwright

The Goddess card Pack - Juni Parkhurst

Unicorn Cards - Dianna Cooper

Water Crystal Oracle - Dr Masaru Emoto

Magical Mermaids and Dolphins - Doreen Virtue

Money and the Law of Attraction - Abraham Hicks

Angels of Light - Dianna Cooper

More details about Personal Readings can be found here:

I look forward to reading for you! Namaha, Lisa :)


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