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NEW: SHOP! Crystal Necklaces, Amulets, Wands, Hairbeads and more! Fantasy, Angelic and Magic

Do you like your gifts to yourself or others to be completely Unique and made with Love?? Then look no further! All my items are completely Unique and I pour ALOT of love and also Reiki Healing into each and every single piece I create! Have a look at the store and see if there is anything you like! Pieces made to ORDER also so if you like the style of one piece but wanted it with different crystals, or even if you completely new idea that you would like me to create then send me an email so we can discuss it!! I am always open to suggestions :)

Please also note that all items include 1st class delivery to anywhere within the UK and should you wish to purchase goods to be sent outside of the UK then please email me first so I can quote you delivery. The item will of course be cheaper but the postage is going to be more!



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