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NEW video for Starseeds!! "Starchild" The Charging Bliss Project

Welcome Starseeds!! The Charging Bliss Project is a musical collaboration between Stuart Francis and myself (under the vocal performer name "Essence"). We got together in 2011 and have made 3 full albums since in that time, enjoying several plays on BBC Radio Introducing. We were also invited to the BBC studio in Norwich to give them a live interview when they featured us on one of their BBC Introducing Radio shows. ​

Our style of music has always been very chilled and an eclectic mixture of downbeats, ambient licks and beautiful soundscapes. Stu is the music producer and created all the music, and mixdowns, and I am the lyricist and vocalist. If you enjoyed this track, You can listen to more songs from us here:

I hope you enjoy this track and thankyou for listening! :) Namaha, Lisa.


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