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"Pay as you Go" Option added for One to One Intuitive Guidance Coaching Courses!!

Hey my lovelies!! I recently launched one to one Intuitive Guidance Coaching and am super happy to be working with some of you awesome people in reaching your full potential, and If any of you that are currently on the Courses would like to comment below and leave a testimonial that would be amazing and very much appreciated!! :) With my Oracle Readings I was guided to split them down to make them more affordable for everyone and after some inquiries I am now very happy to announce I am splitting the cost up into monthly installments for those that can not afford to pay for the courses in one hit! This opens the Courses up for everyone now and makes it much more affordable for you! You will be able to start the courses as soon as you make the first payment so this will be a "Pay as you Go" option for you! :)

So here is a breakdown of the Courses and the payments:

5 week Empath Mastership 5 step Programme

* Distance Reiki Healing (1 session in total)

* 5 Modules of Coaching (1 per week) Plus Coursework (1 per week)

* Unlimited Email Support

* End of course assessment

INVESTMENT - £ 133.33 PAID WITH INSTALLMENTS = £26.67 each week for 5 weeks

3 Months "Embrace My Life" Course - This service is for those that are dedicated to Embracing their Life and making solid, permanent changes! This package includes:

* Distance Reiki Healing (1 session in total)

* 6 Modules of Coaching (of your choice) Plus Coursework (2 per month)

* 3 Oracle Card Readings (I per month)

* Unlimited Email Support

INVESTMENT - £ 333.33 PAID WITH INSTALLMENTS = £111.11 each month for 3 months

6 Months "All In New Me Full Support" Course - This service is for those that are getting over the bigger issues in life such as Childhood Sexual/Physical/Mental Abuse or Narcissist Parents/Relationships! This package includes:

* Distance (1 session per month) or Hands On Reiki Healing (2 sessions if you are local or willing to travel)

* 12 Modules of Coaching (of your choice) Plus Coursework (2 per month)

* 3 Oracle Card Readings (1 every 2 months)

* 3 Guided Meditation videos tailored to you (1 every 2 months)

* Unlimited Email Support

* A written or video assessment (your choice) on far how you have come at the end of the 6 months INVESTMENT - £ 555.55 PAID WITH INSTALLMENTS = £92.59 each month for 6 months

If you want to give these services a Trail run before committing, then why not go for the 2 week trial???? 1 per person available:

2 week Trail - This service is to for you to trail run my services before you decide to invest further! This package includes:

* 2 Modules of Coaching (of your choice) Plus Coursework (1 per week)

* 1 Oracle Card Reading (up to 4 questions)

* Limited Email support


My Courses are tailored to YOUR HEALING NEEDS and you get to "Pick and Mix" subjects of your choice and currently you can choose from the following subjects with more being added over time! If you have something that you feel you need to heal and it isn't on the list you can always email me with your suggestions and if it is something I can help you with I will add it in!

Current Modules available are:

1. How to Manifest Money

2. How to Manifest Love

3. Empath Course ( 5 separate modules to master being an Empath)

4. Developing your Psychic Gifts

5. The Chakra System

6. All about Auras

7. The Divine Feminine

8. Connecting to your Higher Self

9. Forgiving Yourself

10. Healing Childhood Trauma

11. Releasing the Pain of the Past

12. Unlocking Blockages

13. Overcoming Narcissistic Relationships

I look forward to hearing from you and to working with you my lovelies!!! Stay Blessed <3

More info here :


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