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REST - Rare and Endangered Species Trust

Every now and then I am inspired by dedicated individuals that show me, and the rest of the world, what one single person can achieve to help our fellow animals, and also to push others to strive to do the same! Last night there was a beautiful documentary on BBC2 about the plight of the Pangolin - an animal I must confess to have known very little about until last night. This is why documentaries like this are so important - to raise awareness of species and to stamp out illegal killing and importing of animals, but also to share and spread the passion in others that share the same compassion.

Pictured below is Maria Diekmann who formed her Non Profit organisation to help save Pangolins in 2000. Since then she has worked tirelessly to help in so many ways - by learning and understanding this unique animal, sharing her understandings with others, visiting first hand the countries where the Pangolins end up, making positive Celebrity Social contacts in those countries to back her ideas, and campaigning in social media until people listened to her and took notice!

Her utter dedication and heart is obvious for anyone to see, a true compassionate soul working hard to achieve her goal of helping the Pangolin and conserve the species! I utterly salute her gutsy, yet heart felt and non judgmental approach, spirit and love - I wish her the very best and thank Maria for the inspiration to further my own dreams and passions to help conserve our animal friends. I hope Maria will inspire you also:

Please read this important notice on the REST FB page and be sure to watch the programme, share the links if you are inspired to do so, or just appreciate the lengths some individuals will go to in the fight to help our Animal friends! The documentary is quite a tough watch in places, so please be prepared to see animal cruelty, we need to watch these things and not look away sadly even if it hurts us - they are suffering much more!

"Honey Bun made sure to watch her starring debut last night too...and what a debut it was! #Pangolin became the number 1 hashtag trending on Twitter & REST received stunning feedback from the viewers. Not only that, but FoREST UK sold out of tshirts within minutes (don't worry, they are reordering so you can still order!). Every dollar donated contributes to saving pangolins, so a special thank you to all who were able to donate!

Within an hour of the documentary airing Save Vietnam's Wildlife's website crashed from so many wonderful people searching for it! Our site (, luckily, was able to withstand the many, many views thanks to our wonderful web designer, Sean Lively, of Lively Designs in the UK!

If you are in the UK and forgot to watch last night but still wanted to view the documentary, it is now available at this link for online viewing:

The same documentary will be airing in the US on PBS on May 23rd at 8pm (check your local listings)! For all of us outside the UK and US, BBC plans to distribute viewing rights soon and hopefully will be available to us to view! Stay tuned, we will keep you updated as we learn more :)"

I think you will agree after watching the documentary (that is so beautifully filmed and narrated by Sir David Attenborough) that we need to do more as individuals who care, not just be bystanders but take the call to action in what ever ways we can, and we can achieve much if we chose to - alone or as a collective! Maria shows us that we can!

You can support the charity or find out more from these links:

Thankyou for reading! Namaha, Lisa x

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