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Beautiful Wooden Wands by angelwyche.wandmaker on Ebay

I recently bought an Oak wand from angelwyche.wandmaker on Ebay and it really is a beautiful item! This is the information that was posted about my wand :

Water marked old wood Oak Wand, Witch, Wicca, Druid, Pagan, Magic

Oak wand 32cms Found in a boggy area of mature woodland on a hill, there is a spring uphill, water collects in a flat area to form a permanent boggy area, and a seasonal margin area. Seasoned and weathered by nature in the woodland where it was found. The wand has attractive markings of dark inky black and shades of brown. The wand is a tight grained hard wood. It is attractively marked it has been seasoned by nature then dried out. It has been given a double helix twist. Nature's beasties have been in to doodle in this wood, but are not there now. Has been finished and buffed with a natural beeswax. Almost all the wand wood is collected in the River Tyne Valley, Northumberland. I collect from seasoned ground wood, drift wood and bog wood, dead standing wood, prunings and clippings also land clearance. The wands are mostly from native trees.

If Wooden wands are something you are interested in they are only £4.00 start auction price!!! Such a Beautiful item for just £4 and here are a few more reasons why I was happy with my purchase enough to share it:

*100% Feedback from many, many happy customers

* Ethical wood use - all wood is found as deadwood or driftwood

* Packaging was a Used cardboard cereal box - I so wish more people would do this and use what we have laying around as packaging!

*Authentic Item - in other words - I can feel it was made with Love and care for Nature!

This is how it arrived in its Natural State:

oak wand double helix

In time, I will bound my Oak Wand with Crystals and Feathers and I Intend to use it in my Healing practices :)

If you would like to visit angelwyche.wandmaker on Ebay then CLICK HERE!

Namaha, Lisa x

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