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Earthling Ed - Land of Hope and Glory

For the last year or so I have been introducing Vegetarian and Vegan days into my diet as well as making solely Vegan and Vegetarian Products such as Soaps, Balms, Waxes and more. I admit to say although I knew farming wasn't nice, I was ignorant of all the facts and was still eating meat as I felt it was a hard habit to break, I like the taste of most meats and fish, I craved Iron around my Periods, and also it is just everywhere - most products we buy have animal products incorporated into them! It seemed daunting to do it quite frankly after eating meat my whole life, and as it is something I enjoy eating - I didn't want to give it up..........That is until I saw the work of Anonymous for the Voiceless

Anonymous for the Voiceless are an animal activist group that spread the word about Veganism and show people videos of regular farming practices via laptop and tv screens in public places such as town centres. The people holding the screens wear masks, not because they don't want their faces shown, but to push the focus on what is being played on the screens. They talk to the people who are interested in watching and explain what they seeing. Here is an example of their work.

This is Seb Alex, an Anonymous for the Voiceless activist :

I've always cared deeply for animals and will try to do anything I can to help an animal, as most people would. On the carefully managed food adverts broadcasted we see Happy Hens and Cows frolicking in the sunlight, playing in Lush Green fields and like the best propaganda we are sucked into believing that this is how the animals we eat actually live! When we see little snippets from activists we think "well, they are just showing the most extreme, isolated cases - this can't be the normal, every day occurrences or practices!!" Your mind reminds you of the Happy Hens and frolicking Cows on the ads and we feel much better about tucking into our Meaty Products unknowing of the reality.

The video I am enclosing in this blog, The Land of Hope and Glory, is the most DISTURBING video I have EVER seen! That's saying something considering the sick and diverse things you can see on the internet. This is so educational on so many levels and the documentary maker Earthing Ed deserves so much recognition for highlighting the day to day REALITY of UK farming.

Please watch the documentary maker Ed speaking here and explaining so eloquently why he is Vegan and about the video he made:

Please watch the whole of this video to educate yourself on the UK Farming Industry.

It contains very disturbing footage of the day to day lives of animals in UK farms. Practices such as animal mutilation that are performed daily (such as de-beaking) are included that we are just totally unaware of and the industry fights hard for us to stay in the dark about. The video also contains the slaughterhouse footage of each breed of animal we kill for meat. I feel we owe it to the animals to not look away, to not turn it off because it disturbs us, and to take it all in :

Land of Hope and Glory (UK 'Earthlings' Documentary)

Thankyou for the education, Earthling Ed! I know what Ethical choices I will be making from now on, and once you know the facts they are very hard to ignore!! Thankyou for presenting the knowledge out there for us all to see and make an educated choice there after about how we choose to eat!

Namaha, Lisa x

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