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September Oracle Readings Now Live! All Zodiac Signs!

September Oracle Readings now live for all 12 Zodiac signs! If you enjoyed your reading please subscribe to my Channel over on Youtube or if you would like a Personal Reading please see details HERE!

Personalised Videos (up to 4 days to receive) are £22.22. They last between 20 - 30 minutes depending on how indepth the reading takes us. I don't cap it as such and it ends when the readings naturally wants to, but it normally is at least 20 minutes.

Same Day Readings cost £44.44 and you will receive them within 24 hours and they last between 20-30 mins.

Live Skype Readings cost £55.55 and last 30 mins.

♓ Pisces: Wow!! Your Reading went DEEEP!! Only For those that feel heavy energy RIGHT NOW!

♈ Aries: Mr/Mrs Shady needs to be Dealt With! Step into the Light for Empowerment Aries!!

♉ Taurus: WOW!! Union of Divine Energy! You ARE the LIGHT Taurus! Beautiful Reading!

♊ Gemini: Storm Warning!! Turn around to face the Lightening! Everything is in Divine Timing!

♌ Leo: In your POWER Leo!! Shadow work dealt with! You are ALL over your reading! ROAR LEO!

♍ Virgo: The Winged Wise Ones are protecting You! Receiving a Peaceful Hug from the Divine Virgo!!

♏ Scorpio: WOW! Strong Masculine Present! What a Beautiful Caring Connection you have Scorpio!!!

♐ Sagittarius: BEAUTIFUL Love begins!! Coming out of indecision for a NEW and True Spiritual Union!

♎ Libra: OMG Fertile, Fertile, FERTILE!!! Did I mention you or your partner is FERTILE? Co - Creation

♋ Cancer: Deception regarding Finances AGAIN!!?! This read mirrors last MONTHS Read!! WTF?!!

♒ Aquarius: Many open doorways for you and a Message bought to you on or around the Full Moon!!

♑ Capricorn: So many Open Doorways for you Capricorn! Just walk through them!

Thankyou for watching! Namaha, Lisa x

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